What was that old computer game on Windows 95 w/ two tanks - a blue and green one that dig through the soil.?

I want to try and find this game that I always used to play on Windows 95. There were 2 tanks, a green and a blue one and you had to charge up to dig through the soil, and create runnels. The goal of the game was to find the other player (either the blue or the green tank) and destroy it. If anyone can knows the name, I would really appreciate, and if you could provide a download link, that would be AMAZING! Thanks!


Thanks King_Zohar, but it wasn't scorched earth.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I think you are thinking of Scorched Earth



    Was it Pocket Tanks?


    Or was it Liero? Those were not tanks though, it was like the original worms game.



  • eckis
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    3 years ago

    nicely, first, you may in basic terms attempt it. The worst which could ensue is that your equipment crashes and also you've were given to reboot, that is not likely less than XP. it is extra possibly that this methodology could in basic terms stop if it wasn't nicely matched. i could run your antivirus application over this methodology(s) although first. If that would not artwork, XP has a element observed as "Compatibility Mode" that enables you run previous application. positioned your software or a link to it on your pc then proper click on it and choose "homes". contained in the container that comes up click the "Compatibility" tab. less than the "compatibility mode"section examine the container that announces "Run this software in compatibility mode for:" and then pick the version of residing house windows from the drop down record. Then click ok. If that would not artwork then there is no longer some thing in XP which could help you. The producer may have a patch on their website or you may locate those who like the game have made it artwork and positioned the reply on an internet site. attempt Googling the call.

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