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What does the end of this poem mean?

My friend wrote this poem bout me. I never knew he liked me. Here's the poem. What's he tryin to say in the last line?

The Unforgotten Love

The heart has a mind of it's own

Can't stop it when it's in the zone

The tears try to soothe the heart

Cuz the heart is far apart

From  the one he really loves 

It's like she came from above

He tries to show his love to her but she can't see

The love he show comes from deep inside

He wants to show her how he really feels inside

The heart calls her name

But her doesn't do the same

Her heart calls someone else

The boy was so sad that his love dropped with his health

The tears fall down

She starts to noticed

But when he falls down her calls the coldest.....

Made by: Randy

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    when hes down and then you try to help him he feels as if you should stay away, i think!

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