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Need help choosing a gun?

My dad's 55th birthday is coming up and I know he really wants a new gun. So, I've decided I'll get one for him (it will be a surprise). So my question is basically for the men: what kind of gun would you like?

Right now he owns only one and its the CZ 75b.


And money wise, I guess the price should be logical. Maybe not over $1500..

Update 2:

It'll mostly as a show piece. He goes to the shooting range once in awhile but not that often.

I don't care whether its a rifle, shotgun, pistol, etc. Whatever is the best for that much money will do.

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    What I'd want is going to be a bit different than what some people would like and vice versa.

    For me the weapons I don't own that I'd love to own include

    Ruger 44 Black hawk.

    Colt 45 1911


    Colt .357

    Savage 300 mag

    Colt .45 long.

    A Colt 44 black powder

    First thing you have to consider is practical use. For self defense anything below a .40 is more noise than effect. .9 mm is a lousy self defense round. It is an easy round to shoot because the ammo is cheap and there's no kick too it. So it is a very common round since anybody from age 5 and up can easily shoot it. Or if you prefer the revolver equiv a .38 special. Essentially .9mm and .38 special are the same round. .It is a weak round however.

    Given your Dad's age he's probably not going to want to start shooting magnums or 10 mm. The recoil will over the next 10 years become increasingly burdensome.

    Nor is he likely to want assault rifle style weapons like an AR-15 or AK-47.

    If your father is already suffering from mild arthritis I suggest a revolver over an auto. It will be far easier to clean, operate and handle for somebody with arthritis.

    What I suggest is looking at these weapons.

    .45 acp - A man into his 70s should be able to handle the recoil of a .45. It is a popular round, not that expensive to shoot. Is an excellent choice for self defense as well as target practice. A good brand such as Ruger, Colt, Desert Eagle, S&K, etc make very accurate .45s.

    A Colt long .45 or a knock off is a fun weapon to shoot. It's essentially a cowboy gun. If you put cowboy loads in it you are shooting almost an identical round to that which was used in the old west. These guns are especially favored by older shooters as they fire a mild load, are extremely accurate and quite capable for self defense if the need ever arises. Being a revolver they are easy to clean, care for and operate. Not a good choice for concealed carry however.

    If you want something for concealed carry that is ultra reliable but which is excellent for self defense you might look at a .44 special such the bulldog. The recoil is pretty mild and the simplicity of a revolver means better reliability. and easier to take care of.

    .40 caliber. A very popular semi-auto. The kick is mild, the knock down power the least you'd want in a self defense situation but it's at least adequate. Excellent for concealed carry and your father could continue to shoot it well into his 80s as long as he's able to clean it and operate the slide.

    A black powder .44 cap and ball pistol. This one had the advantage of being a piece of history. Fun to shoot, but practical in a self defense situation. It's a bit on the complex side so it's something that unless he gets into it, will be ore of a mantle piece item than actually shot. If he's considered doing historical recreations such as Civil war recreations it would be the gun of choice.

    A Mossburg 12 gauge shotgun. Great for hunting, self defense and fun to shoot clays and targets with. Excellent self defense weapon, easy to maintain and easy to use.

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    I'd need more information. Are we talking shotgun, rifle, or pistol? And is this to be used for hunting, self-protection, or just pride in ownership. I may be able to give you some ideas, but I need a bit more to go on.

    @Additional details: Ok. $1500 will buy you a fair amount of gun. If it's more of a show piece, I'd try to find something in like a Winchester 30/30 lever action commemorative. Enjoyable to shoot, the lever action says "wild west" and the commemorative, if you can find one at that price, generally has an awesome badge in the stock. I had a buddy that had one that I tried to buy from him, unfortunately, he said "no way" lol.

    I'm sure you're dad will enjoy it simply because it's from you.

    If a pistol is more what you had in mind, consider a Kimber .45 Caliber. Old style with modern technology.

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    it depends on your fathers interests, if he is interested in home defense: a AR platform rifle maybe from Rock River Arms or a good pistol, possibly a 1911 model in a .38 or a .45 depending on your fathers preferences or build. If its hunting depending on what he likes to hunt, a good brand to go with as far as rifles go is Marlin, they have produced lever actions for many years and have as of late started producing excellent bolt actions one of which, XL7 in 30-06, I have owned for 3 years and is very reliable and well built possibly in 308 for your father since it is a flexible cartridge ranging in grain weights for different game types. If its a shotgun, a classic is the over and under possibly a Citori, which is a great shotgun for upland game and waterfowl and also clay shooting.

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    The S&W Model 29 was very popular, especially after the Dirty Harry movies, "the most powerful handgun in the world" at the time. My personal favorite is the M1911 pistol, used successfully by US soldiers through World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. No flash in the pan, that gun.

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    This is the Centennial Anniversary of the 1911. If your dad served in the military he may have fond memories of the 1911. I'd consider getting one for him. I like the Colt and Springfield Armory 1911s. The anniversary edition Brownings are hard to come by. I think they're auctioning them off at select gun shows.

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    well lets look at options your dad owns a cz 75b that's a classic handgun its military Style in black finnish most likely 9mm, you mention he does not shoot that much so target models are out and I would not even look at heavy high caliber weapons,,,,,,my suggestion is a original german luger pistol cal 9mm they are fantastic beautiful and hold their value better than any gun in the world,,,,,,,I personally think the german Luger's of the prewar years are best mauser commercial grade from 1920,s to early 1930,s 1,500 should get a decent one and it will hold its value,,,,,your dad will love it,,,,buddy baron npnac

    the 45 cal lugers are running 15,000 and the original one is worth 1 million dollars

    look for a 762 cal commercial one for 1,500

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    Depends on what the gun is to be used for. Just having fun a AR-15 is good, deer hunting or big game hunting, I like my Belgin made 30.06, for a hand gun I like the Glock 9mm. For a shotgun I like the Beneli Black Eagle.

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  • Irv S
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    9 years ago

    That pistol is a 'service carry' type gun.

    Before we can answer that question we'd need to know a lot about how he uses it.

    A Pistol is a pretty personal choice.

    A 'surprise' is probably not too good an idea.

    Source(s): Old Shooter & Reloader
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  • 9 years ago

    Don't try to guess at this. Sounds like he is a guy who knows what he wants, so get him a $1500 gift certificate at his favorite gun shop. Otherwise you will burden him with the embarrassment of telling you that he will have to return it and swap it for another.

    By the way, is this Tips from Heloise?

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  • T-Bone
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    9 years ago

    To answer your question;

    For a rifle a Browning 30-06 BAR it has great knock down power for big game hunting, For a hand gun a nice .40 cal S&W which is a great balance of knock down power and light weight for personal protection....

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