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Does my husband have to sign over his rights to my stepson's mother?

My husband is currently in the process of joining the military. He has joint custody with my stepson's mother. My husband and I have a child of our own.. and today his recruiter told him that he's required to have a statement concerning family hardships from my stepson's mother before he could get his physical done. I know for single parents, you have to sign your rights over to a responsible adult while you're away in active duty. But for my husband, he's married.. wouldn't he be able to appoint me as my stepson's temporary guardian for when he's going to be gone? We have him 4 days a week every week.. or does my husband have to sign his rights over to my stepson's mother?

My husband and I have been doing everything for my stepson.. including taking him to all of his well check-ups and pre-school on our days. While his mother hasn't done any of that nor even have any medical coverages for him. So we would like for him to go with us when my husband does get stationed after his AIT.

I know we'll have to go back to court for this.. so please, I'm not looking for any smart *** remarks. I just really would like a serious answer or thoughts before we speak with our lawyer once again. Thank you.


My stepson's mother and my husband were never married. He doesn't have to pay child support or anything. My stepson goes back and forth and he spends Sundays through Thursdays with us and Thursdays through Sundays with his mother. I am able to do pick ups and drop offs of my stepson exactly how it's stated in the court order. So, I'm still able to get him when my husband leaves for training.. the whole problem is his recruiter telling us he won't be qualify unless he signs his rights over to my stepson's mother.. which if I'm not mistaken, that's for single parents.. they have to sign their rights over to an adult who would be eligible to take care of their child while they're gone... so does that mean my husband still has to sign over his rights to my stepson's mother? And thank you :) I really appreciate your answer!

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