How can I get better quicker?

I've been sick for the whole week and I'm tired of it. My symptoms are fevers, headaches, a really bad sore throat since Tuesday, body aches, throwing up(only tonight) and a runny nose(started yesterday). I went to the doctor and she said it was a cold, she prescribed me Claritin, it helped me earlier for a few hours after I took it but it feels like it made my runny nose worse. Anything I taste tastes the same, it's kind of a metally taste. I haven't had food at all today, I tried to eat earlier, I took a bite of a banana and I threw up. Please help me!!!

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    9 years ago
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    Did your Doctor do a flu test? Have you had the swine flu vaccine? If you haven't done either of those, I'd advise you to get to an ER. The particular strain of flu that has been going around the last couple of years can kill a grown person. However, if you don't want to do that, I can give you some advice on relieving your symptoms. 2 ES Tylenol every six hours for the fever. Taking a cool bath or putting and ice pack on the back of your neck and also around your upper thigh area. Another thing that I just thought of, did they test you for strep throat. Sometimes when you get a strep infection the symptoms mimic that of the flu. For aches and pains 2 Aleve in the morning, and 2 at night. Sinus drainage. Unfortunately, you need them to. Yes, it is uncomfortable and miserable, but this will help. Simple Robitussin DM cough syrup will stop that aggravating post nasal drip and slow it down so it doesn't drive you crazy. You can drop the claritin. Personally, I hate the taste of Robitussin, so I get it in pill form. The name brand for that medication is Mucinex. I get it from Wal-greens in generic form. It is called cough and congestion relief or something like that. It is ten times cheaper than the Mucinex and has the same drugs in it. As for food, leave it alone. Go on a clear diet. If you can't see through it don't eat it. Suggestions: Chicken Broth, jello, sprite, gingerale, saltine crackers are o.k. or dry toast, tea either hot or cold. Try it for 24 hours and see if your tummy doesn't settle. If you aren't any better by tomorrow, go back to the doc or the ER. Taste? Nothing can be done about that, you will have to suffer through it. The main goal right now is to stay hydrated. The human body can go from six to eight weeks on nothing but water, but dehydration can put you face to face with the Old Padnuh in 72 hours. If you can't sleep. One 25 mg benadryl will help with that. I hope you get it all worked out, and you feel better soon. Keep in mind, the above adivce is just that, advice. I am not a Doctor and I cannot diagnose you. I am a nurse, and I can tell you what I think it is. Feel better friend~~~Lydia

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