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Who is Junethea Crystal Centeno?

I see these things on tumblr. where everyones all RIP and such. Was she famous for something or is she just some girl whose death was passed around tumblr. id like to know who she is.


k. I also forgot to mention i knew how she died and such what i want to know is why so many people are talking about her why she's so famous. did she become famous from dying or did she do something that made her famous

Update 2:

K wait so she's famous cause she died? or did she do things before she died was she like a singer a photographer a model. my question is why is she so famous not how she died cause i know she died from a car accident i just wanna know why people are making such a big deal about her dying in a car accident people die in car accidents all the time and you don't see tumblr filled with all the people from the accident. so what i want to know is " Why is her death so famous?" like what exactly was she?

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    she impacted so many people's lives just through the web. everyone had love for her <3

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    She wasn't "famous" as in a celebrity. I knew her, and many others knew her.

    The reason why people are "making a big deal" about her death, is because it IS a big deal. Someone beautiful in all aspects passed away by surprise at a young age.

    It is a devistating and tragic time for many who knew her (including myself). She is missed, and THAT is why it is a big deal. I

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    i guess she was somewhat "tumblr famous" but that wasnt the case she got "famous" because she inspires people an example is live life today to the fullest because tomorrow may never come ... :'( she inspires lotssss of people everywhere my condolences goes out to her family friends and boyfriend

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    she died in a car accident and how i know this is because i'm friends with her little sis, by the way she was very wise.

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