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Will my license get suspended for this?

I am 17 and I live in Ohio. I got into a minor accident, which involved me hitting the car in front of me. The police came and I was labeled at-fault. I got a citation for ACDA (Assured Clear Distance Ahead). It was an accident obviously, it was heavy traffic (it has that checked on the ticket as well) I looked at my GPS, looked back up and saw that the car in front of me stopped. I slammed on the brakes but I still hit her car. Her car is fine, just some scratches. My car however is kind of messed up in the front. Anyway this is my first offense, and I have a court date soon. Will my license get suspended?


Also I have a job, and I need my car to get there and back...

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    You should...Its your responsibility to watch the road not your GPS. On a serious note, you may lose it for a month or so given your age, but I doubt it. Remember, keep your eyes and ears on the road, not on GPS, phones, or friends in the back seat. Take it from me, Im an EMT and teenagers laying on the road with there insides splattered is not a pretty site.

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    That's gotta suck.

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