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are camel spiders real?

they always said that the tarantula is the worlds biggest spider

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    Camel SPiders are real, but they're not spiders. They're solifugids, another type of arachnid. They get quite large, but not as big as they apparently look in many email forwards, which are optical illusions caused by holding them close to the camera.

    As for the biggest spider, it depends on what you include. If you only count "true" spiders, the tarantula (a mygalomorph) does not count. It would likely be something from the nephila or argiope groups of spiders. (I believe in North America, the largest is either Argiope aurantia or Nephila clavipes, common spiders)

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    Camel spiders are real, and yes tarantulas are the biggest spider, camel spiders are more related to scorpions then spiders. And most camel spiders only get to be 6 to 8 inches long.

  • A camel spider isn't a spider. It is an arachnid in the order sufoligate and spiders are aranea any how this sufoligate can only get about ... a body of 3 inches maximum.

    Source(s): Lord Chuchundra
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    Yep. Camel Spiders are real. Soldiers in Afghanistan took pictures of them, and sent them back.

    Source(s): "But if our eyes see it and our cameras capture it... Does it exsist?" ~Lost Tapes (Animal Planet Show)
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    The world record for the world's largest spider is the Goliath spider


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    Yes, but they are not spiders. They are taxonomically something odd. Related to scorpions or earwigs or something.

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