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why did mossod know about the 9/11 hijackers but fail to stop them?

mossod knew their location and movements and plans but failed to act on them,why?

has to make you wonder?


how would i know-now that you got the giggles out of your system how about answering my question?

Update 2:

jy my haat-can you answer the question or are you a complete retard?

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    Why did they know ? because they were spying on America.

    Prior to 9/11, over 140 Israelis were arrested for suspected espionage Some of them were posing as art students. These suspects had targeted or penetrated military bases, DEA, FBI, Secret Service, ATF, US Customs, IRS, INS, EPA, Interior Dept., US Marshal's Service, various US Attorneys offices, secret government offices, and unlisted private homes of law enforcement and intelligence officers. Most of the suspects served in military intelligence, electronic surveillance intercept and or explosive ordinance units. Sixty of these detained suspects worked for the Israeli company AMDOCS which provides most directory assistance calls and almost all call records and billings services for the US, by virtue of its contracts with the 25 largest telephone companies in the US. The FBI discovered that AMDOCS was sharing information with Mossad about the nature and content of 411 information calls originating at various law enforcement and intelligence agencies around the US.

    Following 9/11, more than a dozen Israelis were detained under the Patriot anti-Terrorism Act. Some of them were active Israeli military personnel. A number of them failed polygraph examinations when questioned about possible surveillance activities against the US. Some of them were found to have been spying on Arabs living in the US. Some of those questioned were the "dancing Israelis" who were caught filming the 911 attack on the twin towers, cheering and dancing after the planes hit the twin towers. These men admitted being Mossad agents. Their names were Sivan & Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Schmuel, Oded Ellner, & Omer Marmari. They later appeared on an Israeli talk show and admitted that they had been "documenting the event.' CIA agent Robert Baer confirmed that their cameras, on tripods, were set up BEFORE the first plane struck.

    Why did they fail to stop them? The event for Mossad was beyond expectations!

    The Bush administration, backed by the Blair government, attacked and occupied Iraq, deposing Saddam Hussein, and turned up pressure on Israel's other adversaries, including Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Hamas, and Lebanese Hezbollah.

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    Mossad cell was caught two weeks before 9/11; 150 off them; this link is a Fox News report that gives the full details of the real culprits behind 9/11; some are wondering why Zionist Rupert Murdoch Fox News would allow for such a damaging four part series; the only answer is he was covering his tracks because too many hole in the official story until this day he cant believe his Zionist sponsors got away with it;

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    To those who doubt the authenticity of this question and insulting the questionnaire here are 3 of the 5 admitting on Israeli TV that they were sent to the US by the Israeli government to film the event from start to finish

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    Many people suspect Israel/Zion of orchestrating the entire episode. They were the only profiteers. The film crews Mossad had on the GW bridge surely makes me wonder. The obscene insurance money for Mr. Silverstein is also suspect. The stock market bets made in the weeks before from Israel, Israelis sure made me think. But, of course, they are allies -- right? They would never do that -- right? Getting us to declare war on two countries not involved in it (who happen to be enemies of Israel) is just a coincidence -- right? -----

    Source(s): Don't be fooled, Israel is the bad guy
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  • “9/11 was Good for Israel but a Nuclear One Would be Better”

    "It's very good.....Well, it's not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy for Israel"

    Former Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu - 12th September, 2001

    I also find it quite interesting how they found 5 Israelis accused of being in mossad, dancing and celerbrating at the scene of 9/11, and even high-fiving!

    These articles answer your question..

    Yes indeed, it does make me wonder...

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    Almost all our planes were out doing training exercises that day.

    We spend so much money on military but we can't even defend the country when it counts?

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    Syph Lord,

    The only thing that makes me wonder is why the doctor let you live? If your physical deformitites are any way near as great as your mental deformitites he should have chucked you in the bin as soon as you popped out.


    I've learned not to argue with the insane. Why waste my precious time on the terminally stupid.

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    Because they have no jurisdiction in the USA?

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    Another conspiracy theory, my God when will it end.

    Muslim terrorist did the dirty deed planed by OBL.

    Nothing will change this fact.

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    They would gain more if they let it happen

    Source(s): HISTORY
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