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If consumption function in a 2-sector model is C=100...?

If consumption function in a 2-sector model is C=100 + 0.80Y and I = 20 Billion; where C is consumption, Y is income and I is investment,

a. Equilibrium income equal to:___________

b. Saving function is:__________

c MPC is:__________

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    I assume by two sector you mean house hold sector and business sector.

    In this case use the accounting identity Y=C+I+G





    If G=0 then Y=600. Output is equal to income. So income is then equal to 600

    The savings function is S=Y-C-G so S= Y-(100+(8/10)Y)=600-(100+(8/10)600)=20

    MPC=dC(y)/dy =.8

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