Who would you like to see on Celebrity Apprentice?

I think Snoop Dogg would be great on that show, and for "the fool" role they always cast....rodman,this season gary busey....next season I'd like to see tracy morgan lol or katt williams even,

maybe even somebody like dave chapelle,

Pete Rose or Roger Clemens for the baseball player category

kim kardashian or her mother as the hott model role

kanye west as the rapper lol


lol I take that back....just kim.........as the hot model role

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  • dobby
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    10 years ago
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    please no reality show tv people. I don't consider them celebrities like rob or richard hatch.

    Oprah winfrey, ellen degeneres, but those people have already made it in life . celebrity apprentance only casts celebrities who haven't had much of a career lately. people you don't hear from much anymore.

    I would love to see whole show cast memebers compete against the cast members of another t.v.show.

    like Sex in the city tv show cast members versus the cast from Friends t.v. show.

    or which ever t.v. show you like to see against another one.

  • 10 years ago


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