best computer language to learn?

i do not know anything about programming. but as a starter project i would like to create a computer bot that plays holdem no limit poker. all that i want this computer bot to do is go ALL in with pocket jacks, pocket queens, pocket kings, or pocket aces and AK. So what would be the easiest computer language to learn to do my own programming for this purpose for a web based game ?

thank you for your answers in advance !

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    First of you need to learn a simple language such as Visual Basic, Once you fully understand that you can move onto C++ a more complex but also more powerful programming language,

    You can download the Visual Basic programming GUI from this website:

    Also if you want to create your own website then you need to learn HTML.

    For the AI Bot you would probably need to learn a language like LISP or PERL

    A bunch of tutorials for many different programming languages can be found here:

    Source(s): Amateur programmer, Personal experience.
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