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Do you agree with knighting footballers...?

(Cheers, Nick)

I do not see the point of it... take for example, Giggs. Don't get me wrong, I like and respect Giggs... but why should he be knighted? Everything he's achieved over his career, he has achieved with Manchester United. It's well known he used to skive regularly from International Duty... you want Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth to give him a Knighthood for being a Man United legend?

Show me a soldier and I'll show you a man who's willing to fight and die for his country... yet, they are given barely any recognition and are treated like pieces of meat. Put Ronaldo on the battlefield and see how he does... he can barely stand up on the bloody pitch. Do not make a fvcking mockery out of Knighthoods by giving them to footballers.

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    A Football player getting knighted - ok he has shown dedication to what he does, he's good at it, he plays for his country he does well for his country, but a soldier i've heard stories about British Soldiers who've jumped on top of grenades just to save the rest of their section, that is a hero.

    Johnson Beharry was given the Victoria Cross for driving a Warrior AFV with the rest of the crew injured, with his head visible and open to enemy fire as the periscope optics were damaged through an enemy ambush and then while still under fire dragged the rest of the crew out of the Vehicle.

    A month later an RPG hit his Warrior and even though he had serious head wounds which required brain surgery afterwards, he drove the Warrior to safety.

    That is a hero, and I would have no second thoughts in Knighting that man, and Gary Gordon and Randy Shughart, there American not British but what they did was amazing, they volunteered to go down and secure a shot down black hawk helicopter by themselves, with no support at all under attack by 1000s of Somalian Militia, they held on for hours, they were both killed but because of their actions the Pilot - Michael Durant survived.

    So that Cr*p that Oison spouts out of his mouth about the British Army and that we start illegal wars and that we shouldn't be in certain places, it dosen't change the fact that the guys doing the job are doing it heroically. My Cousin was killed in Afghanistan and it is just f*cking disrespectful to them and their families when some tw*t comes and basically shouts out that they died for nothing.

    I'm probably gunna look to join the Army in a few years, in the Royal Signals and to see the kind of people that you will serve with and who will be watching your back, to know the kind of heroic actions these lads will do for each other is just amazing.

    Btw sorry this is kind of an essay lol

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    no i also do not agree with knighting businessmen like alan sugar. They do business and they get knighted. so does that mean because my dad opens a restaurant for public he should be knighted. People who are knighted should be because of big donations or help to other countries or fighters who have fought in a war to help our country.

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    the whole knighthood thing is crazy, the biggest reward for a soldier is doing whats right for the country and being able to relive the hugs and kisses with his family

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    I'm with you almost entirely.

    The 'almost' stems from the fact that if you're going to knight actors etc. then why not footballers? Don't get me started on knighting politicians.

    As to knighting more soldiers - yep. 100% with that idea - add in a few doctors, nurses etc.

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  • I don't agree with the knighting system at all.


    World War 2 was a disgrace. Worst thing in human history.

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    Oisin you absolute disgrace, i really hope they put you on a plane/boat to afganhistan to see how long you would last untill you blither and die and begin to rot whilst being slowly eaten away at by vultures and other desert animals.

    i couldn't agree with your mroe jack, its the same with alex ferguson, so he got knighted for winning the treble (pretty much) what the fvck is that, when there are soldiers,people trying to find a cure for cancer, people that save peoples lives on a daily basis in hospitals, teachers who give people the education they need to get on in life etc.

    The fact that any footballer or manager can be knighted is an absolut disgrace and embarrass' the royals to our nation, and our nation to the rest of the world.

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    9 years ago

    If he goes into horse racing or polo or equestrian dressage show jumping nonsense he will get one as they all seem to get one after a few years in that game as long as they are not too common. Actually its only the first of those sports that common people can in theory get into.

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    9 years ago

    There is more to achieve than going to war

  • mr. x
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    9 years ago

    only World Cup winning players should be knighted. and people like Maldini. Which is why Italy has only given the Order Cavaliere to 70 players

  • Numb
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    9 years ago

    Agree with you Jacky, but why it come out of the blue?

    Those scientists and engineers who make people live better should be knighted, instead of footballers.

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