what are some good things about electric vehicles?

what are some of the positive impacts that electric vehicles have had on our country? (U.S.)

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    It seems that you are asking two different questions.

    Regarding the technology of electric vehicles most of the advantages come from an electric drive. This makes the vehicle quiet, clean, maintenance free, emissions free, relatively light, has high torque from 0 RPM can easily use electric braking, and it highly efficient. If electric motors are put in the wheels there are very few moving parts and the vehicle can have true 4 wheel independent drive.

    Most of the drawbacks of the battery electric vehicle come from using batteries, but this is not the only method of providing electricity to an electric car. The electricity can be made on the vehicle as in solar cars, series hybrids or fuel cell vehicles. The electricity can be stored on the vehicle in ultra capacitors or flywheels instead of or in addition to batteries. Or electricity can be transmitted to the vehicle through overhead wires, a third rail or through wireless transmission from an electrified roadway: http://www.iav.com/us/index.php?we_objectID=15760 This last would allow the vehicle to have unlimited range, no need for recharging or recharging times and vehicles would be less expensive and lighter than battery electric vehicles.

    Regarding the impacts of the EV on the country: As we enter the third time in history that electric vehicles have received some attention the impact has mostly been that it provided a choice or another option to our present way of doing business. There are many electric vehicles are planned to be introduced in the next 2 years. If gas prices remain high and/or supplies become limited electric vehicles are likely to become a needed choice and enjoy increasing popularity.

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    While specifics on the plan, such as which cities and regions it will target and what models of vehicle the charging points would be compatible with, are yet to be revealed, the disclosure on the amount of funding is the latest in a line of events to suggest that China is looking to make itself the major market for electric transport. On the public side, the government has already provided tax breaks to domestic EV manufacturers BYD and Kandi Technologies Group as part of its attempts to cut carbon emissions and boost environmental sustainability.

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    Torque, reliability and cost of operation and ownership. Also electricity does not have to come from fossil fuels.

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    They are great indoors or in enclosed environments.

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    they are ecofriendly

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