How is the stereotype of people from Latvia?

doesn't have to be right, it's just a stereotype. also include stereotypical physical appearance if exist.

-Factual information is easy to get, but cultural info e.g. stereotypes are hard to analyze. Cultural stereotype gives insight not only about the stereotyped society, but also the society who stereotypes.-

and remember, it's just a stereotype, doesn't have to be right, and please don't get emotional over stereotype


I heard one stereotype, they become slow during winter. This one makes me laugh.

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  • 9 years ago
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    All Latvians hate their country (and are going to leave it soon), Latvian women are beautiful, Latvian men are taller and better looking than average European, everyone is able to speak three languages (English, Latvian, Russian). Lithuanians call Latvians horse heads. Estonians think that Latvians have six toes, add -s to every word and have strange obsession with Latvian word for ice cream, so some of them appear to think that Latvians themselves must be obsessed with ice cream.

    P.S. Estonians are the ones who think they get slow in the winter (they also think they are introvert and blame it all on the weather and cloudy of sky), they are also the ones who let the monument hell lose, while in Lithuania, for example, they have very few Russians to hate and no SS issues, you are confusing Baltic states with one another pretty heavily

    P.S.S. I've heard about moustache being typical Latvian male only once before (fairly recently), describing unemployed, also said they wore all jeans, sounded kind of like people from 80s, possibly it only applies to certain social class (might be kind of like redneck for Americans)

    Source(s): I am Latvian, I live in Estonia and then there's that:
    • ggsg4 years agoReport

      Totāls absurds...

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  • Erika
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    3 years ago

    Latvia People

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  • SkyNet
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    9 years ago

    I don't really hear anything about them here in the USA. Although I have heard that the Baltic states have a high suicide rate because of the long winters. I guess that could be a stereotype :)

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  • 3 years ago

    This question and answers have succesfully triggered me and made me cringe very hard.

    Greeting from Latvia...

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  • ..
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    9 years ago

    Latvians -



    Tall and slim

    Blonde and attractive




    Handlebar moustache wearing

    Folk singing Pagans

    Source(s): Lived there for a while.
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  • K2010
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    9 years ago

    they don't like Russia and Russians including language

    They don't let Russians to get citizenships

    they don't recognise WWII Red Army veterans but do SS Nazi

    they removed a Fallen soldier monument (calling him an occupant)

    they speak funny language

    • Lina5 years agoReport

      It's the russians that hate the Latvians and want to reclaim Latvia as their own. Stop spreading lies asshole. latvians are very kind, educated and calm people... They are too kind in my own opinion.

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