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Am I allowed to contact the White House?

I would really like to contact the White House abut am I allowed to just mail the White House or email the president? Do I have to go through a lot or can I just do it?

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    Yes you can contact them several ways (more option to the right)

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    You can write a letter and address it to:

    President or whoever

    White House

    1600 Pennsyvania Ave

    Washington D.C. 20500

    It'll be quickly glanced over by somebody in another part of town where such mail gets sent and screened to make sure it doesn't contain anything that will harm the opener. They'll look it over to see if it threatens anybody and give it to the Secret Service if it does and toss it aside if it don't. It's really a waste of a good stamp that you need to mail in your mortgage payment or apply for food stamps. The president ain't got time to screw around with us little people, Whatta ya think this is? Some kind of democracy or something where the little schnooks have contact with their leaders?

    During the Nixon Administration I used to address a letter to: Bureuacrat In Charge of (whatever I wanted to gripe about) c/o White House etc. And I always got an answer from some agency or department pertaining to whatever I was writing about. But I NEVER got a reply when I wrote to the president himself. Except President Eisenhower.

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    Sure, you can call them or fax them directly... Here are the numbers

    Comments: 202-456-1111

    Switchboard: 202-456-1414

    FAX: 202-456-2461

    You'll get switchboard staff who will NOT direct your call to the president, but you can call anyway. If you want to make a comment you can call the above comment line.

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    Yes, you can call the whitehouse. Pick up the phone and dial the number

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    Try as you may, but you will never get anywhere.

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