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What is Forged Foods?

Can anyone help me out???

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    Forged, or fake foods are items that are sold as food but aren't actually food.

    Some unscrupulous people in China have made an industry out of creating and selling fake food.

    For instance, mushroom dumplings that use chopped up cardboard instead of mushrooms, or soy sauce that's made from just sea water and some brown coloring.

    Of course it's not legal, but oddly, many of the people don't mind...they like the savings they get from buying phony "food".

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    Does that mean food cooked by a black smith or food recipes that have been stolen and re done? Not too many places have copyrighted foods as once someone else has put their spin on them then it isn't the same recipe. If I give you a recipe and you choose to use margarine rather than butter or artificial vanilla extract than pure extract then it won't be the same recipe.

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    I think you mean Foraged foods. Foods that grow wild and naturally, such as wild mushrooms, snails, wild radish, stinging nettles wild blueberries etc

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    Do you mean foods that are foraged? It means to collect or scavenge.

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    Tell the quality of the thing, basically see color, smell and the production date.

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