Why do people like pop music and metal?

why do people like the annoying pop songs that have no meaning
and the "deathmetal" that sounds like crashing pots and pans with an electric sound added to it?

Hans Zimmer
Marc Streitenfeld
Now that is some good music
Update: Also note: This is Drake Evans asking this question not Tiffany Evans.
Update 2: Also note: I want to know why they like it. Not that they do like it.
Update 3: But it seems so far that none of the answerers have come up with a solid statement as to why they like this genre of music rather than another. So telling me i am ignorant does not answer my question and only lessens my chances of agreeing with you. :)
Update 4: but J why do our opinions differ yet one still responds to the other in disgust after finding that there will be no agreement? I am asking why these genres of music are liked as much as they are.

Thanks for your time answering.
Update 5: Eric has given the first good answer! Congratulations!
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