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I know what Terry Jones did was wrong, but why do muslims always have to have BLOODLUST over everything?

Ive asked this Question before I'm just trying to get more answers and opinions

I read they put a bounty on Terry Jones head, but I dont understand why dont Muslims just be like ok he's wrong for doing that and move on? Why is there always a need a bloodlusting over every little thing?

Why act so primitive?

Why act so barbaric?

Why cant you love thy enemies ignore what people do and move on?

Muslims say only bad Muslims(Taliban) want to kill. But I find that highly false by the whole country of Pakistan wanting to kill,behead,slaughter, murder, Terry Jones etc

People make fun and do cruel things about religion ALL THE TIME ok just IGNORE it and go about with your life and look towards brighter things...yet over every LITTLE thing most Muslims always got to LUST for someones BLOOD if they insult Islam

Why do they have to act to primitive? ITS 2011 why act so barbaric and always wanting to kill someone who Insults Islam.

Also Muslims except Obama to have stopped this? Why Would He? He's the president even though I disagree with what Terry Jones did. America is a country of FREE SPEECH. If America had the same rules of Pakistan,Afghanistan etc we would be chopping off hands all over the place


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    Terry Jones stated quite clearly before he burnt the Ko'ran that he knew it would lead to muslims killing innocent people! Therefore he is surely guilty of deliberately provoking the murders and will surely rot in hell for eternity!

    Just because muslims kill does not excuse an evil man usin them as his tool!

    The problem with muslim violence goes back to a dispute over who had spiritual authority over the Muslim community after the death of the prophet Muhammad in what is called the “fitna” which translates as temptation or trial and caused all the discord within Muslim community.

    Shi’ite Muslims believe that authority was vested in his family; the Sunnis look to the sayings and actions of Muhammad as well as the Koran.

    The extreme sectarian violence has been brought about by Al-Qaeda Which while being exclusively Sunni deliberately set Shi’ites and Sunnis to kill each other in Iraq. Sadly more muslims die by muslim hands each month than were killed by the invading forces in the war!!

    Hamas also kills far more muslims than the Israelies ever have!!

    An average of over thirty five muslims a week are killed by muslims!!!

    Whether it is a Danish Cartoon, book of fiction or some other excuse, Muslims hit the streets around the world rioting, looting, burning and uttering death threats!!

    But it still does not excuse an evil man provoking them into murdering people!

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    Well, their culture is different from ours, and they process stuff differently.

    We are so sure of ourselves -- as if just because things are the way they are in the USA, everybody else must feel the same way. Naah. Their upbringing is different; their values are different; their way of life is different.

    Also, they don't have the distractors we have, like PCs, MTV, cell phones, iPods, etc.

    Read about what happened in Salem Massachusetts a few years ago: the Salem Witch Trials. That was only a few centuries ago, in this country. And remember what happened during theMcCarthyy hearings? For no reason, people lost their jobs and their livelihoods because of a paranoid communist scare.

    Not realizing this has caused our country a lot of pain.

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    A lot of Muslims idolize Saudi Arabian society and other societies in the middle east as being the pure Islam. The problem is, these societies are medieval in many ways - they still behead people for witchcraft, homosexuality and changing their religion and slavery is still practiced.

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    May peace be on you.

    Well you just saw few muslims. We are millions yet your eyes is only on few people who call themselves muslims yet God alone knows if it's true because killing innocent human being is totally prohibited in Quran which is the main teaching of Islam and if in state anger, we should control(sahih bukhari). Now if people don't follow it is not the fault of Islam or all muslims. Suppose someone made fun of your dad and burned him, i think you would also react while other family won't. Do you think the whole family should be blamed because of 1 member's act? So your name is thinking always. You should also think about that. For Muslims, one God, the Creator of all that exists is the most loved by them. And Quran is His word. So God is most important for them. If any one ridiculed your most loved 1, you would understand. Yet i am clearing that Islam forbids killing innocent whether muslim or non muslim even if muslim are in state of anger it is not allowed at all.


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    It's a younger religion that's predominant in less developed areas of the world. Christianity didn't look much different hundreds of years ago. (The Crusades, The Inquisition, The Salem Witch Trials, etc.) Like Christianity, its sacred text is full of Bronze Age myths, based on the Semitic god Yahweh, a violent war god. Mohammed was also violent, as can be seen clearly in the text, where his "example" is often physically fighting with others.

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    You do realise that there are about 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, and if they all really wanted to kill, slaughter, suicide bomb, and the rest of this barbarian horde fantasy you've constructed in your head... the rest of the world wouldn't really have a chance of stopping them through sheer weight of numbers? You understand that, right?

    Have you really paused to wonder at why some Muslims may be peed off? Take a look at the recent history of colonialism. Take a look at all the invasions of Muslim majority countries. It is not happening the other way around. Yet somehow it's always interpreted in reverse.

    It's almost Orwellian how much the reality of world politics is inverted through the fearmongering of the media.

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    Yeah, I know right? I think people should keep an eye on Muslims, and I still think Terry Jones should be handed to the rioters in Afghanistan.

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    That's why I don't trust their religion and don't see it as peaceful as they say.

    So what Terry Jones burned a Qaran; HOW MANY BIBLES AND AMERICAN FLAGS HAVE THE MUSLIMS BURNED OVER MANY DECADES? Should we kill them because they burn our Bibles and flags?

    We already have enough crazies in our country and they can keep their bloodshed over there. There are too many senseless wars also. Oh hell! Everything is messed up!

    Armageddon is overdue! Please God, come back and destroy all violent ones and false religions, including the wicked people too. End this madness so those of us who want to live in peace can do so forever in paradise. Thank you. Amen.

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    They are a barbaric people. They do not value women. And a country that does not value and listen to its women is a country void of compassion, forgiveness and reason. There is no hope for them.

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    It is not the Muslims. That was done by the Taliban and their supporters.I have been to Kandahar. The Taliban are desperate right now. They do not have the means to do their usual suicide attacks against KAB.

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