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If a person enters UAE on an employment visa (after MoL processed), it's validity is 60 days from date of arrival or status change (in case he's a resident). Next step is to go for the medical and then proceed with the stamping of visa on passport. Then to MoL for labour card/contract.

Question: Is it possible to not proceed with medical test, because employee doesn't like the new employer. Can he get this visa cancelled and apply for another visa with a FZ company? Will there be any employment BAN either 6 month or 1 year?

Will the visa be cancelled automatically after 60 days? or the employer has to apply for cancellation. Please reply as this will help, thank you.

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    1) An employment entry visa's validity is 60 days. In within these 60 days you can enter the UAE and after entering the same is valid for another 30 days (not 60).

    2) The medical test needs to be done BEFORE visa status change/becoming a resident.

    3) After you entered the UAE, your visa needs to be cancelled to receive a residence visa (after taking the medical).

    4) Resigning before staying with the current employer for at least 2 years or not fulfilling a limited work contract means you will be banned. Resigning after just a couple weeks means to receive a 1 year work ban and on employer's request it even can be a 1 year work/immigration ban.

    You just can't expect company A to pay all hiring costs and then shifting to company B without getting "penalised". In case your current employer violates UAE Labour Law, please feel free to complain at MoL.

    Hope this answers your question.

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