if i uninstall steam?

ok last time i JUST uninstalled the steam client it made my whole computer wonky i had to delete everything to it manually ect , but if that wernt to happen and i uninstalled just the cleint, when i reinstalled would it show on steam my games are installed and cold i play them im damn tired of having to replay the same games over again to beat them ect like borderlands because steam alwsy knows how to mess up

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  • 9 years ago
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    If you uninstall Steam it uninstalls all your games with it. It still keeps a record online of what games you own. So when you re-install Steam you can re-download those games but they won't already be there.

    If you don't want that to happen then find your Steam folder (before you uninstall) and copy the common folder to somewhere safe. Once you've uninstalled and reinstalled Steam you can put the folder back and you will have your game data. The common folder is found by default in C>Program Files> Steam> SteamApps> Common.

    Even if you uninstall everything I believe it saves your saved games in your Documents folder so you should still have your saved games even if you delete Steam and the games.

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