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was atlantis real or a myth?

folks at work told me they recently saw a show on cable that says scientists found the lost continent of atlantis. since i don't subscribe to cable i didn't see the show.

so is it true? was atlantis real and did scientists really find it? and how advanced were the atlanteans if they were real? i've heard some folks claim they had things like cars, planes and microwave ovens 10 thousand years ago and they grew corn, or maize, which they invented with genetic engineering.


thanks, pamela. the show was on the national geographic channel but i didn't get to see it since i don't have cable.

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    Archeologists are always claiming they have found the Lost City of Atlantis.

    The most convincing argument I have heard of concerning the city is one I saw on History Channel. There is a place in South America that has a lot of the characteristics that are described in Ancient writings. It may have been a myth and may have been real.

    It is really hard to know. There is evidence that shows that in various times throughout history that man has been smarter then originally thought. The Mayans had a 365 day calendar thousands of years ago. They have found evidence of ancient batteries in South America and the Middle East. Of course they are not to the degree we have them now.

    I am sure that the people of Atlantis (if they did exist) had a considerable amount of power and influence. Along with certain technology.

    King nebuchadnezzar of Ancient Babylon (thousands of years ago) had the legendary Hanging Gardens of Babylon created (which used a type of hydraulics and and aqueducts), Archeologists have found evidence that in Ancient Egypt a type of cosmetic surgery was done. The Romans had Central Heating that was forgotten and then re-invented in the 1800's. These are just some examples of technology that has been discovered, forgotten, and re-discovered centuries later. Think of the Dark Ages in the West. Many technologies and writings were lost.

    More evidence is being found to suggest that technology has been discovered, forgotten and re-discovered. Archeologists are also saying that they have found Roman armour at some sites in North America. That maybe the New World was discovered thousands of years ago, then forgotten and the rediscovered.They have found evidence in Ancient Egypt and South America of flying machines (which they have tested in theory).

    So I do believe that they may have had in Atlantis ( if it existed) a type of flying machine (maybe made in a different way then they are now . . . could be out of wood or something), they may have grown corn, and had ancient batteries but I don't think they were some super intelligent race that had genetic engineering. It seems a little far fetched.

    I am sure as time goes on we may some day find evidence of more advanced ancient society's but not to the point of our society today. I do not believe that aliens taught man any of that stuff either. If it was found that man was not as primitive as current thinkers believe they were thousands of years ago it would turn the scientifically and archaeological world upside down with their current theories.

    Atlantis could on the other hand just be a myth as are the Greek Gods. I like the concept though . . . it is interesting.

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    The one I saw they were explaining how it may have been the Minoans. What channel was it on did they give you any other identifying marks, i. e. channel, what show was called ETC.

    and to ashley ewing sometimes myths are indeed true, remember when everyone thought Troy was just a myth and then it was discovered?

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    no one really knows if it's real, there's no conclusive evidence to prove or disprove the idea of an underwater city, it's very possible, but there's definitely no activity going on down there if Atlantis does exist. don't believe anything in Stargate or anything, it's a complete work of fiction, atlantis has no technology or teleportation machines. it's probably just a flooded city made with stones and rocks and no activity or any humans there.

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    Totally real. You should believe everything you see on TV. Of course a MYTHICAL place was real and they had that kind of advanced electricity underwater thousands of years ago

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