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Why do SOME Asian people smell bad? Also how can I hang out with my Asian friend with my homies?

Disclaimer: First of all, I am not by any means Racist. I'm an African American and I can tell you personally that I have faced a lot of racial question/stereo-types about my people, but unlike most black people I don't get bent out of shape when I hear them since I can agree that they sometimes apply to my fellow Negroes e.g. Collecting Well-fare. Also notice how I titled this question 'Why do SOME (emphasis on some) Asian people smell bad.' Before anyone says "Anybody regardless of race has the chance of being a smelly person" I know this, but when Asian people smell bad it's a very distinct smell (not like feces or B.O.) The smell is almost like a rotten food smell. (Like Chinese food going bad in your refrigerator)

Is that smell suppose to because they didn't bathe or something or is it significant of something (similar to that of Christians that get Incent sprayed all over them) Several Asian people I met Smell this way and I'm starting to wonder why.

The real reason I would like to know is because when I brought Asian friend around my homies (I think he's Japanese because his name is Takeshi not entirely sure though) My homies being African Americans made comments about him like "Damn, man. Jackie Chan smells like ***!" My Asian friend then looked down at the ground and didn't say anything. I tried telling my homie to knock it off and tell did, but he was quiet the whole time we hung out. So what should I do? I think my Asian friend is now highly offended and won't hang out with them again. Should I make my homies apologize? Or should I be a hard *** and tell Takeshi to take a shower. (I mean he does smell pretty bad)


DaveK - And I don't mind your opinion because unlike you I can understand why some black people could smell like that. Actually gingerbread is a compliment. I've heard much worse like KFC or grits

Update 2:

Arlene - F.Y.I Gym is a completely different story since everyone sweats when engaging in intense physical activities. That's normal, randomly smelling bad for no reason whatsoever is not.

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  • 9 years ago
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    lol i think you should give him some body spray.. like come on your his friend, show him some deodorant..

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  • 5 years ago

    I know this is a VERY OLD question, but I also have to say something about this. I'm asian too, and I have a very good sense of smell. I can typically smell other race, when I smell someone, I can immediately tell if the person is male/female/white/black/asian/middle eastern/ etc Im not trying to say white people smell bad or black people smell bad each race have their distinctive smell, none of those smells ever offend me unless they didnt wash themselves or they are extremely sweaty lol

    It is typically much harder for me to smell Asian, since Im asian and thats what i smell like. But sometimes i DO smell asian since I have a very delicate sense of smell and my neighborhood is mostly white. And yes if you are not Asian, it will be so much more obvious for you, and asians do smell like some type of Asian food that I can't really recall.

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  • 4 years ago


    The cuisines and cultures of the various races is so distinct, that the odors they give out are distinctly different when they stick to their own cuisine on the whole

    Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese even Hong Kongnese, do have a distinct smell because of the foods they eat.. especially thai

    Same in the case of some Indians, who eat so much onion and garlic, even if the breath is taken care of, the smell reeks off the body. Some use hair oil even when going out, and thats adds to the scent !

    Whilst an average indian cannot smell this off another indian of the same area ( indian from south will find the smell of the north indian and vice versa different and repulsive )

    people of another race, who eat totally different foods will automatically note the difference in the smell and different smells are always repulsive

    So indians find asian smells repulsive, asians find indian smells repulsive, blacks find others repulsive and the cycle goes on and on !

    And I do not wish to be mean here, but as an indian person I always find a distinct bad breath off my black friends mouths a lot of times. I try very hard to ignore it when they are speaking too close to my face, because black people have a tendency to come very close to another persons face to speak

    so you need to understand , EVERY PERSON has a DIFFERENT SMELL and when its mild its ok, when its stronger, people of their own community wont notice because they eat the same foods

    but people of another community or race will find it repulsive

    Having been intimate with a lot of white people, they have offensive odors too ( not talking about farts as farts are terrible anyway)

    only difference is whites get away with a lot that other races cant... i wouldnt be surprised that had i mingled with you and your homies, i would find your odors repulsive , yet i will try hard not to tell you.. if its unbearable , i would simply start avoiding you guys

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  • 6 years ago

    I unlike others on here will respond to this few year old question saying, that FACTUALLY, I believe what we eat and certain bathing techniques or lack there of....there may be a link to a certain smell and a certain CULTURE which may be misinterpreted with race. I am speculating in the most NON OFFENSIVE WAY I CAN. I am half Indian, and I have smelt a certain henna type and incense type of smell from them...probably because certain cultures can use/eat certain products which affect the way they smell. It's true...

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  • 5 years ago

    you guys are all idiots. im asian. why are you hating on him for asking a question? there is nothing wrong with asking a question about a specific race. its those who try to ignore race and act like it doesnt exist bc they think its better to acknowledge no difference. there are differences. but yes i can smell like "a stereotypical asian" that is when i cook some asian food or something and it lingers in my hair. but most of the time, when food odors dont linger, i smell like my bath products and lotions. so yes, its with the food and stuff.

    • Devon4 years agoReport

      "Eatin' Asian p****, all I need was sweet and sour sauce" - Kanye West. I guess he means asians smell like sweet and sour chicken lol.

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  • DaveK
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Why do some.........and I emphasize the word "some", African-Americans feel free to ramble on about their lack of racist attitudes, followed by monachers like "Jackie Chan"? How often do your "homies" use the tag "white boy" by the way? I've often wondered why "you" smell like gingerbread. Isn't this all infantile, bias garbage that we're all better of w/o?

    • It’s called coco butter  which I’m sure you’re ashy  chapped  elbows  have never experienced,,  you idiot lmaooo Gingerbread

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    All of the Short asian females with tiny crossed eyes are stink badly...they eat garlic because they believe that its good to have a happy ending sex! I hate theses stink sea monkeys!!

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  • 5 years ago

    kimchi is very strong and made of fermented ingredients, it s been said to smell so strong the smell will seep through their skin. look into it

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  • I know you probably think that we don't understand you and that's why we think your question is racist but it's you who doesn't understand. In my school, I've smelled many unpleasant smells and they have come from all races. Well, mostly white guys in P.E. but that's because there's a lot of white kids in my school, not because white kids smell bad. Your question is misleading because ALL races have SOME people in them that smell bad. Don't just point it out on Asians because it's just ignorant and dumb.

    EDIT: I said mostly, didn't I? I didn't say all were from P.E. There were many that just randomly smelled bad.

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  • 9 years ago

    could be all the curry they cook with

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