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RHH: Do you dig these samples?

Earatik Statik - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Earatik Statik is a Chicago duo - they've been floating around in the underground since '99. They're very well-respected in the underground, which is obvious as soon as you look at the tracklist for The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, which is their 2009 sophomore album. The LP includes production from Pete Rock, Large Pro and J-Zone, as well as guest features from Ed O.G., Sean Price, and Sadat X (on two tracks).

I'd *highly* recommend that you guys check it out, and here are the samples:

What do you think of the samples?

(If you're feelin the samples and you want a link to the full album..let me know...)

RHH: Nas' "Who Killed It?" vs. Cunninlynguists' "Seasons"? (Most people don't get the whole concept of "Who Killed It?", though, so read this first: )

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    The production sounds dope, the rhymes were good..yeah it sounds like it'd be pretty dope. I can't DL anything on my phone though, so I ain't gonna be able to listen to the full thing. =\

    RHH: after reading that..Who Killed It.

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    My internet's too slow right now, I'll come back to this some other day.

    EDIT: Sh*t's dope. Can I get a link?

    RHH: Yeah, I got the jist of that story the first time I heard the track and didn't really bother to delve into it. Good analysis, a little reaching in some parts though. I wanna say Seasons, but I should really listen to Who Killed It? again when my internet's functioning properly. Hip-Hop is Dead had some good ideas but it's still too haphazard, like almost every Nas album, so none of the tracks ended up being very good.

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    Sounds pretty dope actually.

    RHH: Seasons. Nas voice bugs me on that song, and I prefer the beat on Seasons. If we were solely talking about concept, I'd say "Who Killed It?"

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    Good find, those tracks with Sadat X are nice.

    Source(s): I actually read something similar about "Who Killed It?," the song is incredible. WKI>
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