How did Stephen King's novel "Misery" end?

I don't have time to read it, and need to write about it in my essay. So please don't answer by giving me the ending to the movie answer me by telling me how the NOVEL ends.


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    I love that book, it took me months to read though. I don't know from where you want the end from so:

    Paul finally finishes the new Misery book. As a celebration, he asks Annie for a cigarette and a match, as per his normal practice after finishing a book. He uses the match to seemingly light his manuscript on fire, but actually sets fire to a stack of notes with the Misery title page on top. While Annie frantically tries to put out the flames, Paul throws the typewriter at her. Paul fights with Annie, and stuffs her mouth full of the burning pages. She gets him down and runs to find a weapon, but trips on the typewriter, causing her to crack her skull on the mantelpiece. Mortally wounded, she exits the house through a window and goes to the barn to get a chainsaw to kill Paul, but she finally succumbs to her head injury and dies in the barn. Two police officers find Paul and take him to a hospital.

    Returning home to New York, Paul submits the new Misery novel to his publisher, who tells him that it will become his greatest bestseller. However, the ordeal is far from over for Paul: he suffers nightmares about Annie, and continues to have withdrawals from painkillers. He has also become an alcoholic with writer's block. Eventually, after a random encounter with a child in the street, he has the same spark that inspired him to write Fast Cars. He begins typing about this boy and the skunk he had with him in a shopping cart.

    I think that's right but it's from wikipedia so I don't know

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    Misery Books

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    I liked it, and I haven't liked too many of King's novels lately. I feel like his earlier work (Christine, It, The Stand, The Shining) is much better than anything he's done in the last ten years or so. But "Cell" was all right. 'No fo', indeed! BTW, I heard that Eli Roth ("Hostel 2") is interested in directing the movie version of "Cell".

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