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Picture Day - Take Two?

Now I'm feeling snoopy and curious!

If you're feeling brave, let's relive the picture day experience.


For the computer challenged (like myself) is a great way to upload pictures quickly.

Update 2:

EVERYBODY is stunning! I like this game.

29 Answers

  • 9 years ago
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    I don't have any Glamour Shots handy. Lol.

    You are very pretty.

    Add: Okay, I'll play only for a few minutes. Most of you know I'm the crazy paranoid one around here.

    Aesa and Leah you're making me feel old - you two are hotties! Enjoy it!!

    Aesa - you look different than what I expected, too! Not that I didn't figure you were a hottie;-P

    Add2: Wow! I love seeing everyone's photos!! Who knew there were real people behind all those avatars. Lol. Everyone is so pretty! Geesh!

    Mom2Max- Does my ungrungy-ness disappoint you? Lol.

    Dread is the only one EXACTLY how I pictured her to be!

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  • 9 years ago

    I might play for a bit if I can figure it all out. I'm not as much of a 'regular' as most folks here... but I do read a lot and answer now and then in parenting.

    And I *do* have a glamour shots pic handy... lol... from about 25 yrs ago too... would that be cheating? Finding a 'fair' pic would be harder. I'm getting quite camera shy in my old age... and advanced weight. :/

    ETA: Does it mean something when my internet keeps goofing up everytime I try to do this? Is it warning me that I am too hideous for human eyes? <sigh>

    Edit2: Ok... that it let me do. Maybe it didn't approve of me trying to put up the Glamour shot... this is the honest one. :)

    I'm suprised how many people are so much *younger* than I pictured them (or picked such old pictures... hmmm). I think of some of you as such experienced sages... and you're babies! <sigh> I'm a old crone. :P

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  • x3 ♂
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    Well, I'm not a regular here but can i play lol?

    Not the best picture.. I know I look like a 16 yr old.... :/

    p.s you are all lovely ladies!

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  • I have no idea how to put my pic on, I just spent the last 15 min trying. I will try again after I make my sons snack.:(

    this pic was taken last spring after my son and I got our hair done

    this was taken in october at my trash the dress session

    ur all so pretty :)

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  • Bonini
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    Grrrg...this was hard for me to figure out. Anyway...I'm the dark one.

    ***Whoooa Aesa! Hot Diggity!

    **** There are some beautiful faces in this crowd...and I must agree with Bri in having not expected it, lol! Lovely little family we have here!

    ****** Here's one more just for good measure....from a few years ago but I think it's awesome:

    @ My4Boys...for some reason I knew you'd be a hawty ;)

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  • Sydly
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    This was taken last year and my hair isn't usually straight like that but I couldn't find ANY recent photos of me that don't have my fiance in them so this'll have to do. Btw, all of you ladies are GORGEOUS!!!

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  • 9 years ago

    You're pretty! Leah is pretty too I forgot what you look like I had you on fb when the kids were little but I deleted mine, You look like you're 17 :)

    I'll play! I'll be back I'm on phone I'll try to do it from here...

    EDIT: let me know if it works

    Eta2: wow pretty! I imagine you guys so much different! Hippie youre blonde!!! and hey mama I thought you were much older! Maybe the way you type lol you're not old at all

    You're all so pretty. Dread I imagine you so sooo much different you're so pretty

    Aubrees mom: here's another link

    *someone ask i forgot who. How to put a pic on flicker without showing your whole album put the rest private and only allow one public and put the URL that's it

    Source(s): Excuse the mess it's mil house,grandmas bed :/
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  • 9 years ago

    I have a few in my pulse for anybody that is truly curious. I can't see tinypic pics at work though, it's blocked

    *I must say, I'm always surprised by how gorgeous everybody is. Half the time I expect people to be well... not nearly as pretty as they turn out to be.

    ******* Bonini- I love the food fight pic! The handprints are rather amusing!!

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  • 9 years ago

    okay I'll's the most recent pic of my whole family

    edit: I should mention I'm the only female in the photo haha

    You all look great!

    ....thanks Dread :)

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  • Ok, so here is mine. It's from my wedding 3 yrs ago. Sorry it's not recent.

    Here is a more recent one:

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