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How to treat Sarcoptic mange?

I am more than certain my dog has Sarcoptic mange, I have been looking online trying to find a home remedy to treat it because money is tight. I found this website and the same treatment on several other sites. I was just wondering if anyone knew of something else I could try? Thanks!


I don't know for SURE if it is Sarcoptic mange. I live in FL and I'm going by what my mother tells me, the dogs symptoms and pictures she sends. It looks very much like Sarcoptic mange tho. I've tried telling to to just take the dog to the vet but I can't MAKE her so I'm just trying to help...

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  • anne b
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    This is what Sarcoptic Mange does to a dog. If you "think" the dog has this condition and you do not get to a vet to have it treated, you are guilty of animal neglect and cruelty.

    Sarcoptic Mange is a horrifically slow and painful way for an animal to die, and there are NO home remedies. This absolutely requires a VET.

    if you cannot afford one, please surrender your dog to a shelter where it can get the treatment it needs, or be humanely euthanized.

  • Kelly
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    You need to get to the vet. Natural remedies may help symptoms but will NOT kill the sarcopses. Sarcoptic mange is not just contagious to other pets , but to humans as well. Mange is not species specific like lice.

    First, you need to make sure it is sarcopses, and not demodex. Your dog needs a skin scraping that the vet or tech can then read under a microscope to see exactly which you are dealing with.

    The best treatment for sarcoptic mange, IMO , is an amitraz dip, such as Mitaban. You doctor will prescribe what he/she feels is best. Use of an antiseborrheic/ antibacterial shampoo can help soothe the skin, and is recommended if you are using amitraz.

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  • lucas
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    whatever you find online to purchase plus the postage you can get over the counter from your vet at the same price. It's a topical treatment, too easy to spray on your dog and be rid of it once and for all.

    The longer you put off treating the more $ it will cost in the end. Sarcoptic mange can lead to skin infections needing more intensive treatment.

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    Sarcoptic and demadex look exactly the same. How do you know it is sarcoptic? the treatment for each is completely different. Revolution treats one but not the other.

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  • 9 years ago

    This solution seems to be a pretty good one - but please, please take your pet to the vet.

    Sarcoptic mange is not something you want to mess with. Especially if you have other pets. This is highly contagious and you should not take this lightly. I understand funds are tight, but if you do not take care of this, it could eventually kill your pet.

    I also highly recommend using Revolution as your flea/tick treatment. It can help prevent mites in the future.

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    Take to the vet It's a shampoo they use to help the skin n some pills for the mange

  • 3 years ago

    that is not actually correct

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