Why does Nancy Russo not work at Welterm Primary Care anymore?

My primary Doctor, Nancy Russo formerly of Welter Primary Care in Raynham Ma, is now gone Im told? The NEW woman at the front desk who took over (for now at least) didn't give me any info on WHERE Nancy Russo went, or WHY she is gone from this practice. I would like to know what REALLY happened...and IF she is still a Dr. IF she is still a Dr., I want to know where she is. ANYONE with any info, would greatly help me. Is anyone else in this position?


Please help!


Sorry that was "Ryan Welter Primary Care"

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    Her name is still on Welter Primary Care web. Call (508) 880-0012

    Raynham Woods Medical Center

    675 Paramount Drive, Suite 203

    Raynham, MA 02767 http://www.welterprimarycare.com/contact.htm -------------------

    Nancey Russo, D.O.

    Dr. Nancey Russo graduated from the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine. Her family practice internship was in Portland, Maine and internal medicine residency at the Carney Hospital in Boston. She also graduated from the New England Deaconess School of Nursing and completed her BSN from Northeastern University. Dr. Russo is the recipient of several awards, including the Blue Cross award of excellence in Primary Care/Preventative Medicine and Who's Who in both American Physicians and American Nursing.

    Dr. Russo has over 40 years of health care experience, including being a medic in Jamaica West Indies. Her most important accomplishment is her family Ð she has 3 sons, 8 nieces and nephews and 7 grand nieces and nephews who she is actively involved with.


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    Nancy Russo

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