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which Pokemon breeds Ditto?

I heard Spiritomb can breed with Ditto but I haven't got any Ditto plus I can't find them, so I would like to breed them but I don't know how.

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    Ditto is unique when it comes to breeding purposes. It is the only pokemon that always creates the breeding partners offspring, never it's own. Even 2 Ditto can't breed to create a Ditto egg. Checkthe source to find Ditto locations in your game. it is in every game except R/S and the gamecube versions

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    You cannot breed to get a Ditto. Ditto can breed with any pokemon (Except Heatran if I remember correctly) that has a gender. Ditto can be found in every game except Ruby and Saphire however the means of finding them are different.

    In Pokemon Leafgreen and Firered they are in the bushes just outside Fusia city outside of the East Gate.

    In pokemon Emerald you must defeat the Elite four and have gotten one of the fossils out of the mirage tower in the desert first. Go to the fossil digger's house to see he opened a passageway and enter the cave. Ditto will be there as well as the remaining fossil

    In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum you must transfer Ditto into the Pal Park from the GBA games.

    In Heartgold and Soulsilver Ditto can be found just outside of Goldenrod City in the bushes around the pokemon daycare.

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