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請教達人"補漆"的英文該怎麼講 ?


下面這封電文該怎麼寫 ?

本公司在QC 時發現鐵盒的烤漆不是很徹底,在凹槽處,在握把的下方,都有非常明顯的漏漆現象, 因此要求供應商必須用同色漆”補漆” 完之後, 通過本公司二次品檢之後才能出貨,這不是本公司刻意的挑剔,如果品檢時把關不嚴,將會嚴重引響貴我雙方品質的優良與卓越。 茲附上,品檢時拍攝的瑕疵品於後,供您酌參。


因為本人是英文小白,所以上K+ 跟大家學習。

本人英文不好,中文也菜,再加上腦筋不好,所以,只好想到什麼就說什麼 ?


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    dear u : )


    2011-04-15 21:57:40 補充:

    本公司在QC時發現鐵盒的烤漆不是很徹底,在凹槽處,在握把的下方,都有非常明顯的漏漆現象, 因此要求供應商必須用同色漆”補漆”完之後,通過本公司二次品檢之後才能出貨,這不是本公司刻意的挑剔,如果品檢時把關不嚴,將會嚴重引響貴我雙方品質的優良與卓越。茲附上,品檢時拍攝的瑕疵品於後,供您酌參。

    translation through your Chinese description is as below

    Dear XXX Under the inspection of our QC dept(1), the finish(2) was obviously not complete around the fillister and the handle at bottom of the iron box. Thus, we asked for you to deal with the shipment after passing our second check of repaint(3) in same color. However, we were not choosy on purpose. It would seriously influence both of us not only on credit but on honor in business through unexacting quality control. Finally, enclosed please find the pictures of defective parts for your reference. We look forward to receiving the feedback in your earlist convenience. Thanks. Best regards, XXX

    NOTE :

    1) "QC dept" = "Quality Control Department"

    2) "finish" = the orginal paint on the surface of goods

    3) "repaint" = just represent it as 補漆

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  • Lina
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    9 years ago

    你這信好像是給客戶的?中文稿可以更簡潔明僚. 想想你發這封信的最終目的是甚麼? 還是只是敘述你做了哪些事. 然後再想想英文的表達而不是逐字翻譯.

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  • Kevin
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    9 years ago


    專業的商用英文實在不是在下可以硬ㄠ得出來的. 還是在台下學習好了. ^_^

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  • 9 years ago

    補漆:painting make-up.

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  • u
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    9 years ago

    Referring to the discrepancy on case’s painting, after checking, our replies are as below for your reference:

    2011-04-13 16:55:47 補充:

    In the past xxx’s box are good, but in the 2010/12/23 inspection, We found the painting (coating) on case surface is not fully painted, like the bottom of handle, which is apparent to find (as shown)

    2011-04-13 16:56:28 補充:

    Hence, we ask xxx to do repair on painting, and then the shipment can be effected after they passed our re- inspection.

    It is not our criticism on products but the cautious on quality assurance and the responsibility to our customers.

    2011-04-13 16:56:55 補充:

    Enclosed, pls find the photoes shot during inspection. Those cases shown are required for re-inspection.

    We await your further instruction whether cases like that can be released for future shipments or they need to hold-up for painting repair ?

    2011-04-15 09:33:53 補充:


    There blank space underneath the handle and the grooving under lid are without pianting.

    我把漏漆寫成 without pianting.

    或是 The area underneath the handle and the grooving under lid are not fully painted.

    我真是一個菜英文 !

    2011-04-15 09:58:05 補充:

    第 2 次複檢, 我想 re-inspection 應該就夠 了。

    2011-04-15 09:58:11 補充:


    It is not our criticism but the cautious on quality assurance and the responsibility to our customers. If a strict inspection can not be made before shipment, then a visible disaster will be shown, nevertheless, It will be harmful to the reputation amid us.

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