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申請美國低收入戶 low income in US

各位大哥大姐們 目前我是個高中生 在加州 聖荷西一帶 住在阿姨家

雖然阿姨是監護人 但生活費和其他種種都是我父母從台灣匯錢

爸媽都在台灣 我是公民 我台灣國中畢業來到美國 將近3年

明年12年級要申請大學了 但美國大學很貴




1, 以我的條件 有辦法申請低收入戶嘛? 低收入戶的條件是什麼

畢竟阿姨不會幫我出學費 而我父母目前經濟很吃緊 但學費每年都將近 2,3萬美金以上 (UC系列的學校) 如果私立的話那就要5萬多了

2, 外面有什麼助學貸款機構? 如果貸款的話需要監護人嘛?

3, 如果要申請低收入戶 或是查詢相關細節 應該去哪種單位呢? (例: 市政府)


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    well, most high school students apply to FAFSA for college aid, not the department of education. (and this is where you apply for low income fundings)

    but I don't think you will be eligible, but always check to make sure. and talk to school conselors or contact some colleges' financial aid department directly (givent that they are really busy, you might not always have a reply, but they can really help)

    In your case, the best thing to do is to apply for merit base scholarship, these helps a lot. And often, loaning money from them is cheaper.

    Yes, low-income does help college admission, because they are looking for diverse pool of student body.

    but a heartwarming essay describing your situation and great personal statement and grades are the most important :)

    If you haven't started to work yet, it might be the time...

    Also, sometimes private schools give out more aids than public

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    你可以辦貸款. 但是要由阿姨出面擔保.

    你要找錢, 暑假去打工, 報稅.

    到18歲, 你就是獨立戶, 有機會在尋求資源...

    社會資源法令多如牛毛, 而且常常變化. 你要自己翻找.

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    妳父母沒繳美國的稅金~妳什麼 benefit / financial aid / 貸款都用不出來啦~

    唯一的只能申請學校的獎學金, if you're a good and outstanding student...

    else you have to loan from a bank... but I don't think you'll able to borrow some....

    unless you're using credit card with a good credit =P~

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    1. No. They are several reasons:

    a. Your financial condition depends on your parents

    b. There are different definitions of being poor, which in most of the cases, none of them applies to you

    2. A lot of financial institutions, including the government, provide financial aids. You should check with your school for more detail.

    3. U.S. Department of Education. You can review these information at:


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