Historical Events in New Mexico?

Hey everyone! For a history project of mine, I am required to do a report on literally anything from New Mexico. From wars to famous people, events, areas, historical events, etc. I was wondering if anyone could give me a list or just something of interest that I can get plenty of information about online. This report is so broad and if anyone can help me narrow it down to a few things, I would be grateful. Any insight or websites would be appreciated! Thank you.

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    I don't live in new Mexico but I have cousins who live here.here are some history I found!enjoy:

    1598 - Juan de Onate appointed first Spanish governor

    1608-10 - The founding of Santa Fe

    1680 - The Pueblo Revolt / Spanish St. Lawrence Day Massacre

    1692 - de Vargas reestablishes Spanish control of New Mexico

    1706 - Founding and naming of Albuquerque

    1821 - Mexican independence from Spain and opening of Santa Fe Trail

    1846 - Mexican American War

    1848 - Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo - New Mexico becomes a U.S. territory

    1862 - The US Civil War battles at Glorietta Pass and Velarde

    1863-68 - The Indian Wars and the "Long Walk"

    1878 - Railroad arrives in New Mexico

    1912 - New Mexico admitted as a state

    1943-45 - creation of the Atomic bomb and the Atomic Age

    If you loved this I hope you enjoy my short history of new Mexico!!!

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    Check out Ernest Hemmingway and Walt Whitman

    Two famous American writers. I believe both spent quite some time in new mexico.

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