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Help I wanna be an actress?

I really want to be an actress and my top wish is to star in movies :)

Would it be wise for me to take "Bachelor of Performing Arts" in university? It concentrates on theater at one point though and in the future I would prefer to star in movies and TV so I was wondering if this course would still help me? Because I am not so interested in theater and I can't dance

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    Actresses have to be able to act on stage as well as theatre. If they can sing and dance, there's more opportunities open to them. The odds of you becoming an actress with leading roles in film is very unlikely. If you do become an actress, you'll need to do theatre work when you aren't acting in anything, to raise money. So if you don't work in theatre, you probably won't succeed as an actress, because you won't have enough money when you aren't doing television work.

    Also, actresses have agents, and you have to have a good resume to get an agent. One of the only ways you can get experience without an agent is theatre work, unless there's a lot of open auditions for student films in your area. So, without doing theatre work, you'll never get an agent because of lack of experience, and never become an actress.

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    Regardless of whether you participate in theater acting or voice acting or screen acting, it's still the same work. You're still acting. The only difference is how the audience sees it (through a screen, on stage, etc.) Many MANY actors you know from film or television started in the theater. That's where you can get experience, where as in film or TV, especially large produtions, you're usually expected to ALREADY have acting experience.

    If you want to pursue acting, then pursue acting. It doesn't matter if the 'concentration' is theater, it's still acting. A degree in Performing Arts will get you a better chance at becoming a career actor than not having it would.

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    A BA is a great idea - people will take you seriously with that. You will also need experience, so get involved in local theatre, drama groups, etc.

    Almost all training is done on stage, because that's the best way to learn all the skills necessary. Translating that to camera work is quite easy after that. But the other way around, learning for TV and movies, then trying to work on stage is very difficult.

    Theatre, by the way, doesn't really mean 'Musical Theatre' - it means plays. And dancing is rarely needed for plays. It would be useful, as would singing, but you might be able to get by without either.

    Actors have to be versatile, and you almost certainly won't be able to choose what type of work you do for many years, if ever. And as for 'starring' in anything - the chances of that are really remote. Very few actors ever get more than minor roles in anything.

    But to become an actor, get that training, get loads of experience, and then try for an agent and auditions.

    Good luck!

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    Yes, you can dance! You're an actress. You can study for any roll. I suggest you study acting of all kinds. Denizen University specializes in Theater. Other acting schools of all kinds exist. At your age meaning pre-college there are many opportunities to learn these skills. Summer camps, weekend workshops and enrolling in local theater as well as casting for small movie rolls is possible. There are different methods of teaching acting. You may not be the greatest dancer now but if you study dance you will get better. Check out auditions for films being shot in your area. Being an extra on a film is fun and gives you an idea of the industry. Good luck.

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    haha so do i

    yeah i guess doing that will let you gain experience

    but you know you can start from theatre and go to movies later on... maybe i dunno just saying

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