Hi! out of my favorite names list could you tell me which ones you like the best both boy and girl?

okay so here we go!!!!

Bria Noelle

Evangeline Grace

Emeline Faith (Eh-me-Lean)

Eveleen Marie (Eh-V-Lean) or Eve-Leen i like both prounounications =)

Estrella Noelle

Adelina Hope

Evalee Brielle

For the Boys

Gabriel Alexander

Noah Joseph

Josiah Caleb

Ira Thorne

Logan Shane

Julian Xavier

Mattias Ridge

and also can you please tell out of these what are your least fave boy and girl names? thank you!

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  • 9 years ago
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    I like:

    Girl names: <3


    Evangeline Grace

    Emeline Faith. [I looove this name.. but I prefer the spelling Emmeline<3<3 but it's still beautiful]

    Eveleen [I prefer the spelling Eveline<3<3 but again... still just as beautiful]

    Estrella Noelle

    Adelina Hope

    Evalee Brielle

    It seems.. I like them all lol. I'd change some of the middle names but that's just preference!

    So ignoring that little part... the names are lovely. I'm not just sucking up and saying I like them.

    I actually do! :)

    I liked the least: <3

    Girl name(s):


    If I had to pick one that I liked the least...

    I'd say Adelina Hope. [It flows and nothing is wrong with it... I just like this one the least]

    I like:

    Boy names: <3


    Gabriel [<3] Alexander [I loove the name Alexander.. if I ever have a son, I'm for sure naming him that:P]

    Julian Xavier [<3]

    Mattias Ridge [Mattias is so cute.]

    I liked the least: <3

    Boy name(s):


    Noah Joseph

    Josiah Caleb [I love Caleb.. just not Josiah so much.]

    Ira Thorne

    Logan Shane



  • 9 years ago

    Favorites: Adelina Hope & Gabriel Alexander

    Least favorites: Evalee Brielle & Ira Thorne

  • B
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    9 years ago

    I LOVE Brielle...but I like the combination of Bria Noelle best for a girl. And I like Josiah Caleb for a boy.

    My least favorite are Estrella Noelle (not really the Noele, but definitely the Estrella) and Ira Thorne.

  • 9 years ago

    Favorites: Emeline Faith and Logan Shane

    Least Favorites: Evangeline Faith and Josiah Caleb

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  • 9 years ago

    Favorites: Emeline Faith and Gabriel Alexander.

    While I do like a lot of your names individually, I really dont like your names together. There just isnt a great flow between most of them and a lot of the first and middle names clash =/

    I also strongly dislike Bria and Ira. I know Ira is an old name, but it's not really my style. And Bria is a nickname at best. Maybe Briana or Brielle/Gabrielle with the nickname Bria?

  • 9 years ago

    My favorites:

    Emeline Faith or Evangeline Grace

    Gabriel Alexander

    My least favorites:

    Evalee Brielle or Bria Noelle

    Ira Thorne

  • 9 years ago


    fave - Evangeline Grace

    least fave - Evalee Brielle


    fave - Julian Xavier or Noah Joseph

    least fave - Mattias Ridge (sounds like a porn star) I do like most of the boys' names though.

  • clance
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    3 years ago

    females: Abigail-ideal call/classic 7 Alessandra-ugh, why no longer follow Alexandra 5 Alina- like the end of Carolina?? easily no longer a favourite 3 Catherine- classic and too previous formed 6 Cecilia- too not elementary for somewhat female to assert, yet fantastically 5 Charlotte- Charlotte's internet?? 5 Cheyenne- in basic terms ok 6 Elizabeth-ideal and has the style of very good type of nicknames!! favourite!! 10 Evelyn- too new and made up 6 Gabriella- ideal 8 Isabella--favourite!! ideal and attractive 10 Jane- i love it extra acceptable for a center call than a first call 7 Joanna- too previous 3 Lydia- in basic terms ok 4 Olivia- not in any respect beloved that call and that i do not comprehend why 2 Samantha- continually seems nicknamed "Sam" ugh 4 Savannah- attractive!! 8 Selena- too new 5 Susanna-too previous yet susy is attractive 7 Boys: Aaron-- ok very female 4 Alexander-attractive extra acceptable as a center call 7 Andrew favourite 10 Anthony- attractive 7 Christopher- want as a center call 6 David- Very classic and powerful 8 Dominic- unusual 3 Edward- too classic 4 Elijah- no longer very effortless 5 Gabriel- ugh! Girlish 3 Jackson- very attractive! favourite 10 James- I like it as a center call 5 Johnathon- jon and kate plus 8?? in basic terms ok 4 Joseph- reliable reliable call 6 Kohl- i love relatives names! could artwork extra acceptable as a center call 7 Lukas-- in basic terms ok I like it spelled with a C 7 Matthew- classic and could no longer flow out of style 9 Tyler-in basic terms ok 5 William- attractive and specialist 9

  • 9 years ago

    Adelina and Estella for girls.

    Gabriel and Josiah for boys.

    Least favorites:



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