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What's the best way to travel from Toulon, France to Barcelona?

Any suggestions would be great.

Train is our preferable form of transport as we have an 8 day Eurorail pass.

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  • John L
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    9 years ago
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    It's a long way, but it's quite doable. According to the SNCF website, on weekdays you can leave Toulon at 15:16 on a regional Téoz train to Montpellier, change for a TGV to Figueres, and then change for a regional Spanish train to Barcelona, arriving at 22:45. You need a reservation on the TGV, which I would make at the train station when you get to Toulon.

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  • maupin
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    3 years ago

    Zoo has an significant component. this is 1789 km one-way from Barcelona to split. this is approximately 400km each and on a daily basis for a around-holiday. in case you artwork a million.5 hours each and each morning to awaken, wash, %., and have breakfast, and an hour each and each night to locate and get checked into you lodging each and each night and in case you may ordinary 100km on a similar time as using, this is almost 7 hours of daily only spent on return and forth logistics. that doesn't evaluate relax stops, site visitors, or combating off in case you word some thing exciting alongside the way. regrettably the "ought to sees" would be your odometer and gasoline gage. Wandering around could be stunning, yet you have gotten a greater suited time in case you elect a smaller section to cover, and fly closer on your meant area.

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