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Can a teacher still fail you, if you get tutoring?

So I'm in honors trig/pre-calc. and i've been struggling. The third quarter had just ended and I have a 59.02%, very close to a D. I've been getting tutoring from other students and some help from the teacher. I also play sports, so I have to have a D in order to keep playing, and the teacher knows that. I heard from some people that the teacher can't fail you if you get tutoring. Is that true? So I just want some other opinions on this situation.

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    Yes, they can.

    If you are doing poorly on quizzes, tests, and homework, then they can fail you. You may excel in participation points, but unforunately, participation generally isn't the bulk of any class.

    Whether you understand the material or not is what truly matters.

    Maybe switch up your study habits. Try something new, even if they are small changes. Do practice problems for 15 minutes every day, even if you have no assigned homework. Write in different pen colors so the work "pops out" rather than meshes into one, gray blob. Have a snack while you work on homework. If you work in a quiet area, generally, then try working in an area where there is some background noise (such as music) if you find that you can concentrate better with that. Say things out loud as you write it down. These are things that I find help me get better grades in math. Make sure that you always ask questions whenever you have them. Ask them before, during, or after class. The teacher should always help - that's what they are there for. Getting help from other students is nice, but personally, I find that my teacher has simpler ways of explaining things than students do. If your teacher is anything like mine, then he/she may have some other ways of explaining the work so it makes sense to you personally. One defined way of working a mathmetical process doesn't always work for every student, so maybe there are some tricks and tips that your teacher can give you to help you remember certain things. I know my teacher always likes acronyms and sometimes even little drawings that relate to math problems that help some students out. If the students' version makes sense, then that's fine, but just remember, it's your TEACHER that (naturally) has the degree in teaching!

    Anyway, little things such as what was stated above are things that I find help me. Some may or may not help you, but I suggest you try something new. Obviously, considering the grade you have now, something needs to change. That's not a bad thing, but just make sure you are open to suggestions. I had to make changes in my study routine, and once I found out what has worked for me, my grades have soared. I have gone from getting Cs on all my quizzes and tests to high As.

    It's definitely possible to do better, but that responsibility is on you. Your grade isn't a matter of the teacher's will, but rather, it's a matter of what you have earned.

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    No, it's not true. Tutoring is only to help increase your scores.

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    Of course they can. Your grades are based on your work in the class, not how much you're paying to study it.

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    You can still fail even if you have been tutored.

    Source(s): Teachers don't fail you, you fail yourself.
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