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Side effects of the drug dmt?

not that im going to do it, but aside from the standard side effects that come with smoking, what kind of permanent side effects could occur on the brain/body after just one use


you woudlnt be able to get this... this is so rare that your better off making it.

it basically LITERALLY takes your mind out of this dimension. google it up

Update 2:

no, i dont think they are the same as other hard drugs. your going to have to cite that because it really sounds doubtfull. dmt is a naturally occuring chemical in our brains, lsd isnt. this means that our bodies know how to treat it. thats why eating it wont do it, our livers know exactly how to get rid of it without causing any harm to itself.

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    I remember i bought 1 gram for $100 from my acid dealer cus he was out of acid,so i thought this was going to be like acid,it wasnt,it was like taking 4 hits of acid but it only lasted like 15 minutes,it was a real let down,it was like a walking dream,i could go anywhere i chose to but everything would shift and i would go to different dimensions and worlds and universes and i couldnt grasp any of it,it sucked,it was too fast and intense,LSD on the other hand was far more beautiful and magical,i felt a euphoria and everything was good,on DMT there was some euphoria but it was overpowered by other feelings,i remember i smoked it and my lungs hurt SO BAD! so i snorted it,its not ALL that like LSD,its not as intense as an LSD Thumbprint,google it up,nor as magical and mystical,but its worth that guy said it has the same effect as strong hallucinogens like Shrooms and LSD,DOI,and PCP and Peyote,u feel mentally drained and exhausted...

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    Dmt Drug Side Effects

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    Dmt Side Effects

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    Ditto to what Scottsmylie mentioned. DMT is obviously happening within the human frame, albeit in small amounts (and is thought to have an impact on dreaming). As a drug, it is been traditionally utilized by Shaman to urge so-referred to as visions and trances, ergo implying very powerful, hallucinogenic results. Several many years in the past, Terence McKenna (owner of time wave concept) and a couple of of his institution buds on the time ventured into the African jungle or anyplace, and experimented with the drug in top doses. They all stated monstrous distortions of their belief of matters, even believing that they have been bestowed with telekinetic powers at the same time top, and they would learn eachother's minds. Sounds like powerful stuff to me. As a long way as toxicity is going, it may well up center fee and blood stress, and is deadly if mixed with specific meals and business medicines.

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    The side effects are pretty similar to those of LSD and other strong drugs. If you are going to be doing DMT make sure you have a sober friend so you dont bug the **** out and panic haha. but im sure you knew that already.

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    is this the same kid?

    what the hell is this drug?

    Tell me. I love drugs, I have them all, now I've never heard of one and I simply must have a sweet sweet taste.

    I can get everything except PCP (that's really a california thing).

    How much is it anyway? (just curious I got pleanty of do re mi)

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