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how was the government when king richard I ruled?

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  • connie
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    9 years ago
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    Richard was out of the country for such long periods, and needed so much money for his foreign wars, government was forced to develop.

    In preparation for his trip to take part in the Third Crusade, Richard began to try and reduce the danger of rebellion in his absence, he gave generous holdings of land to his brother John in both England and Normandy. He met Philip of France, who was also going on crusade, and reached an agreement where both would respect each other's territories. Measures were also taken to protect Jewish communities which crusading fervour made vulnerable to attack. Finally William Longchamp, Bishop of Ely was made chief justicier and given responsibility for ruling England in King Richard's absence.

    Some historians have seen this impending absence from England as irresponsible, showing that he was not much interested in developing England's government. W.L. Warren writes in King John of how Richard put government posts up for sale to raise money for crusading expeditions. This is hardly the action of a man who planned to improve England's administration.

    But ironically Richard's disinterest in government work only contributed to its evolution. The excitement of crusading idealism meant administrators worked hard to build systems that collected and controlled money needed for war. The selling of government posts tended to put people in power who wanted to maintain the status quo. Ironically, according to W.L. Warren, this perhaps lent a useful stability to England at this time, and might have been actually what was needed to maintain and develop a strong administration.

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