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My old best friend who moved away doesn't want to talk to me anymore?

She moved away a year and a half ago, and I miss her so much! But whenever I talk to her, like on Facebook or MSN, she seems aloof and responds in one-word answers. Sometimes she doesn't even reply. I texted her recently, and she replied "who is this?" I guess she got a new phone, and I haven't texted her in months. Anyways I told her who it was and she was like "oh lol hey." I asked her whats up but she never replied.

It really seems like I'm bothering her, but I want to keep in touch and shes making that impossible! I understand she's moved on and has a completely different life now (she lost a lot of weight, used to be 'scene' but now cheer leads, got a tattoo, etc), but we used to be best friends! like wtf.

Oh, and a couple months ago she posted on our other old best friends wall, who I'm still good friends with, "HEEYY I MISS YOU SOO MUCH!"

What should I do, I feel so hurt and pushed aside. Every time I see a post by her in my news feed on Facebook, I suddenly get very angry and upset at her. Should I text her? Or should I leave it be? PLEASE HELP thanks so much!

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    10 years ago
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    Frankly, since it doesn't sound as if you have much to lose at this point, I would confront her. Not aggressively, but ask her if she has a problem with you. If so, what can you do to repair the issue? If she still doesn't respond satisfactorily (or at all), just move on, as hard as it is. Otherwise, you'll be giving her the power to ruin your life. She's not concerned about you, obviously, so why should you be concerned about her?

    Friends come and go. That's how life is, as hard as it is to accept that. I, too, have lost some good friends over the years, and sometimes I'm not even sure how it happened. Ultimately, you just can't worry about it.


    And try NOT to blow this out of proportion, even if you feel hurt/angry and want to lash out to make yourself feel better. I say this because, in my experience, even if the friendship is over, do you want your last memory of her to be a bitter fight you had? I've done this a couple of times, and I always regret it.

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    my best friend moved and got married about a year ago and now she is pregnant. when she moved we grew distant and she was the only true friend and thee only one i hung out with. i txt her and sometimes she will not txt me back but sometimes she will and just like you said she will not reply back and then its weeks or months before i txt her again but she would post on facebook that she cant wait to see me again for two years we have been hanging out and doing a lot of things together but i have known her for over ten years but we didn't start hanging out until three Years ago what im trying to say is maybe she moved on and i think you should to if she was really your friend still she wouldn't treat you that way i know the feeling that you go through because i get angry and upset to if i txt her and she don't reply because it hurts i love her because she has done a lot for me but i think you should txt or call her and tell her how you feel and see if she wants to continue to be friends or not and go from there but i really think that she may not, trust me moving on is the best feeling ever and i have moved on from a lot of close friends that let me down i hope you find the answer to your question but it may be best to move on

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    10 years ago

    Whoah this is almost exactly what's happening to me ( ̄へ ̄)

    I think you should just go with the flow. If she wants to talk and hang out with you then that's good. But if she doesn't want to then just move on.

    I don't really talk to my friend (unless I'm calling to invite her to my birthday party, lol), I just let her ring me up when SHE wants to hang out.

    But if you're really desperate to get your friendship back with her, try calling her and like Quind suggested, ask her if she has a problem with you. Otherwise you could send her a gift? (this always works when I try to get my 'friends' to remember I exist) I don't know if you two are still seeing each other but you could invite her to your house or visit her? Maybe ring her up, ask if she's not busy and the two of you could arrange a little meeting.

    Anyway, like Quind said, friends come and go, a lot of friendships don't last forever no matter how much you may like them to. The truth hurts, this friend of yours doesn't seem to keep in touch anymore, so try to let her go.

    Sorry about your situation but try and stay happy. I always watch Youtube videos to cheer myself up hehe~~ ( ´∀`)

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    10 years ago

    Try calling her. Ask her what why she may be ignoring you.

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    10 years ago

    ask her why

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