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How to build more muscle mass from swimming?

ive been a competitive swimmer since i was about 7 and have always had a slim physique. i stopped swimming for about a year due to an injury, but im going to get back in shape for the summer. i was wondering if there is anything supplements i can take such as protein, or anything else. note: i dont mean steroids. this is mainly to gain some weight/muscle mass.

helpful facts: 17 years old; male; 5'10"; 125 lbs.

thanks for any and all answers.

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    Swimming is an aerobic exercise and the best your can hope for is toned muscles and endurance. If you want mass you will have to do anaerobic exercise to increase muscle size...meaning heavy resistance training (weight lifting)...but that is another story. But with either training you need protein within 30 mins of finishing your workout ( sooner is better). You may look into a protein powder supplement ( I use one but can't list it here as that is advertising ) contact me for further info if you like. Good Luck

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    Protein powder is more like a food than a supplement. A good rule of thumb for muscle gain is a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. If you can get that without whey, that's fine, but it makes life easier. Eat lots of vegetables, fruit and whole grain stuff for the rest of your diet. The only other supplement that you might want is creatine. As for exercise, swimming is great, and no you don't need to lift weights to gain muscle, it's just that alot of people find it easier and more effective. It's more important that you not get injured again cuz, as you know, when you're injured, you can't do jack. So you just have to train with as much intensity and persistence as you can without getting injured. Michael Phelps said in an interview that he's never lifted a weight in his life and he's fairly buff. At 17 and 125lbs, not alot is required for you to gain muscle other than that you gain weight. If it's like a pound a week, it'll be pretty close to all muscle.

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    Swimming is amazingly strenuous, yet once you're swimming laps you're burning up an unbelieveable quantity of energy. this is stable workout, yet not so stable for putting on muscle mass. Lifting weights is the ideal thank you to construct muscle mass. raise heavy and easily do between 5 and eight reps. on your final set you may purely get approximately 3 reps. confirm you're taking a protein shake once you get finished inclusive of your work out. That hour after your work out is fundamental time for protein.

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    If you are looking to build muscles then you should combine weight training and nutrition. Protein is considered the best supplement for bodybuilders but taking it without the proper training will not give you any results, moreover it will be too stressful on your kidneys and liver.

    Just stick to a regular weight training schedule and take 1 gram of protein fore each pound of body weight and you should see results quickly.

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