When did Chase Bank (JPMorgan) go public (IPO)?

Im writing a research paper on 3 stocks i was assigned to. One of the stocks Im writing about is Chase Bank (JPM). I have its history, charts, recent news ALL that good stuff BUT I CANNOT FIND IT'S IPO!!!! Its driving me crazy!!! I cannot find it anywhere!! I know that JPMorgan has been around for about 200 years and that it was merged many times in the past. But I cannot for the life of me find its IPO. Ive looked in yahoo finance, google finance, msn finance, investopedia -__- nothing!!!!!

Can anyone please help me?! All i need is the IPO and at what price it was on that date.

P.S I am new at stocks so forgive me if this is a stupid question.(college student)

Thank you for any help you can offer

3 Answers

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