Does "Azera" mean anything other than the car? Why is it called that?

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    9 years ago
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    Car makers, like many marketers, will often choose names that don't mean any particular thing in English, but sound pleasant in all of their target markets.

    So azera could mean something in some other language. In Italian, it means a woman from Azerbaijan, a country in Asia. So the meaning may well be secondary to the sound.

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    9 years ago

    I looked on 'Search The Web' for you, but

    all I got was the car. Sorry !

    ''The Hyundai Azera may not be the most distinctive sedan on the road, but it certainly is handsome. With its sculpted hood and a character line that flares out into bulging shoulders at the rear of the car, it has a certain presence that makes it easy to mistake for a more expensive car. Further helping to create this illusion is the bustle on the trunk (link goes to photo) that we’ve seen on German sedans as of late, the fanciful Venetian Blue paint that cloaked the test vehicle, and the 17-inch aluminum-alloy 10-spoke wheels. I was somewhat underwhelmed by the lack of available amenities that were once the sole realm of luxury vehicles but now are in the mainstream, such as xenon headlamps and rear parking sensors. What’s with the omission? Lots of people are willing to pay extra for that stuff.''

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