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Is it considered rude to wear hats indoors ?

When I was growing up I was always taught how never to wear hats inside because it is rude. But now it seems many people never take their hats off even at night? Is it still considered rude to wear hats inside?

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    Men are supposed to remove any hat or cap, when entering a building where they expect to be seated for any length of time. This would include private homes, churches, restaurants, theaters, courtrooms, and offices. Only in stores or brief visits to offices where business is done over the counter are men allowed to retain their hats.

    These days you frequently see men and teenage boys wearing baseball-type caps in restaurants. I assume it's because they don't know where to put them if they take them off, are afraid of leaving them behind, or even because they need them to keep their hair out of their faces while they eat.

    Women wearing small hats that are part of their outfits may keep them on while indoors. Women almost always keep their hats on in church, unless they're heavy winter hoods or head scarves. Other places, though, people will assume they're having a "bad hair day" or even concealing loss of hair because of medical treatment. Women wearing large hats which would block others' views should take them off. (In the early days of the movies, notices to that effect were flashed on the screen before the show began.)

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    Technically no, Hats are usually not allowed indoors,mostly for guys, though it may depend on the house rules. However, in Church and court, you must remove them. Mostly if they are caps or something like that. For ladies, however, if the hat you are wearing is part of your outfit, you are allowed to keep on. But on the whole, it much more polite to remove your hat.

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    I think it is very rude for a man to wear a hat inside.

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    It depends on the type of hat. Ball caps and other casual hats should be removed when indoors. "Dress" hats that are part of an outfit can stay on.

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    I think it's fine... If you're a woman, hats are usually allowed indoors. If you're a man, then hats should only be taken off in formal situations, such as a party or church.

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    No one these days seems to have been

    brought up with etiquette knowledge.

    They either:

    1. Don't know,...

    2. Know,...but don't think anyone'll mind,..or,...

    3. Know & don't care that,

    Men aren't "supposed to" wear a hat indoors,...

  • Anonymous
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    I still consider it rude.

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