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i want to start a pizza restaurant recipes and advice?

equipment wise. does anyone have a checklist of all that i deed. minus the oven mixer cheese shredder. bins for cheese ,vegtables . rack and pans for dough. cold table. work table. all stainless. hand tools. hood for oven. big can opener/ what else?

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    Here is a website where you will find everything you will need as far as your equipment list ( . As far as recipes, since your just starting out Id stick to the basic like Pepperoni, Italian sausage, Cheese, Veggies.. As your company grows then start experimenting. I wish you all the best on your restaurant.

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    If you intend to sell pizza in volume, you will need a large dough mixer, and if you want it to be authentic, build a brick oven that will keep a steady 800 degrees and please make sure that the racks are made of stone since they retain the heat and bakes the pizza evenly.

    The blogget ovens make a good pizza, but nothing compares to a brick oven pizza.

    Set up your Bay Marie (cold station) so it will be in the order of an assembly line so you could make the pizzas in a quick and orderly fashion.

    Good luck!

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    You'll be surprised by how much money you will save Cook on low heat settings. Try different main dishes Enjoy the aroma's

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    Why don't you start a franchisee of Pizza Hut,or Domino's ?

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    10 years ago

    you shoul djust not make a freaking restaurant in this current economy its a stupid idea and you rreally stupid for thinking about it

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