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What's with the ending of Ichi the Killer?

Did Kikichara (or what ever the guy with the cuts and piercings was called) kill himself cos of the spikes going into to brain? Secondly, is there a message in the movie or is it just saying senseless violence is senseless?


To idiot, dno if you'll get this but, Kakihara didn't hav the slice on his forhead (that ichii gave him) when Jiji looked at Kakihara on the ground. Also when Kakihara looked at Ichii after it goes quite, the kid is dead. I think what happened is Kakihara pierced his brain and was dillusional and fell of the edge cos you then later see the kid still kicking Ichii on the ground

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    Firstly, Kakihara didn't kill himself. I think he was going to, but only got as far as puncturing his eardrums before noticing that Ichi was apparently ready to fight him after all. I think his idea behind suicide was that he had been wanting a glorious death at the hands of a mighty enemy, like Ichi, but when that was no longer an option he decided that his life might as well be over. In the end, though, Ichi did stop crying, and they had their final fight which ended in Kakihara falling to his death.

    Secondly, it is very difficult to identify any kind of message in this movie. Possibly it is to say that bullies will ultimately find themselves facing up to the suffering they have inflicted. Possibly it is a suggestion that you really shouldn't pick on the quiet kids - they might end up as psycho killers one day. It might be indicating that if you are involved in a gang you will most likely end up dying a sudden and bloody death. It could well be, as you suggest, that violoence is totally senseless, especially the senseless kind. To be honest I just don't know. It's a helova movie though, isn;t it? :D


    Hmm, I did notice the lack of forehead wound when he was at ground-level, yes... And now I've just re-watched the very end I must add: Aaah!


    I think now that you are right. Kakihara, inserting the needles into his brain, slightly short-circuited himself into an 'ideal world' scenario for him where he did in fact get that final showdown he so desired. That last little bit of fight does now make much more sense to have been a fabrication brought on by self-inflicted brain damage. He didn't kill himself, he just hallucinated himself onto that bannister-beam and fell to his death in an essentially unnecessary manner. Jiiji seems to have understood what had happened somehow with that sly little grin he has looking up towards the sound of Ichi being continually kicked...

    My statements relating to your second question still stand though :Þ

    Source(s): I just watched it again after seeing your question. It needed an answer :P Again
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