can any one of you suggest a name for my roofing company?

anything catchy would do..

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    10 years ago
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    Dont worry so much about the name. Choose what you like, but make it simple. Dont go for something like " East Lansing's, Michigan's best roofing company. Too long and not memorable enough. But choose what you like. What you should be really thinking about is how to cut down your company name into a really simple website address. My company name is Topnotch Customized Roofing ( yes i know its long) but im not really going for the have people remember just my name. My website address is The reason why i broke it down like that for the website is 1) TNC is short for Topnotch Customized. 2) Im actually in NC so part of my name is the state im in (helps with memory) and 3) when people see my website sign the T is red....the NC is in blue..and the is back in red. If you look at them separately i have 3 very short words broken up and easy to remember. You don't know how many calls i get with people asking " is this tNCroofs"? Just an idea for you. Good Luck....and choose a name you like cause as im sure we both know, Word of mouth on your work is more important then your name...but your website address is god, since we soon will have no trees left for the yellow pages.

  • 10 years ago

    Shingle Slinger Roofing

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    top roofing

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