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what do you think of these names best answer to most detail :}.?

Mina May

Lucy Megan




Natalie Megan

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    Mina may : I like the two names seperately becaus they're cute for young children but it doesn't go into adulthood. Maybe each name with a different middle name like may Anne or Mina eloise ( ell-o-eez) Lucy megan: I like megan a lot but Lucys overused however if you liked the names together maybe megan Lucy. Kristen is cute and is not popular I like it with the middle name alice. Lois : I'm not fond I like louise better as it's more girly. Hanna: love it especially with this spelling it goes well with all ages and it is nice and girly. Natalie megan : love both names especially natalie! It's cute and could have a nickname (nat). I like the names of Mina Lucy &. Kristen lois ! (:

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    Mina May- I like this a lot. Mina is much more unique than Nina and it also has the cute meaning of love. I also like the alliteration-two 'M's' which sounds very cute. May is also a sweet name. I give this a 8/10.

    Lucy Megan-I like the name Lucy, but I prefer Lucille. It sounds more grown up and will age better, so you could use Lucy as a nickname for Lucille. I don't like the pairing with Megan very much. It doesn't flow well as a middle name, and it is kind of overused. I give it a 6/10.

    Kristen-Kristen is a nice name. It will age well and I prefer it a whole lot more to other variants like Kirsten and Kristy. It means 'follower of God' and isn't too overused, which is good. I give it a 7/10.

    Lois-Lois is a name that I think is pretty cool. It sounds kind of masculine, sort of like Lewis, which adds to the cool factor of having a kind of 'edgy' name. It always reminds me of Superman's girlfriend, Lois Lane, though. I really like this one and give it an 8/10.

    Hanna-This spelling of Hanna is very cute. It seems more feminine to me than the alternative of Hannah as it ends in a vowel. This spelling is much less used than Hannah, which adds to the uniqueness of the name. It has the meaning of 'God has favored me' which is sort of similar to the meaning of Kristen. I give it a 7/10

    Natalie Megan-This has to be my least favourite out of them all. Natalie and Megan are both very nice names but they are terribly overused. They don't flow together well, either. It is not a very unique combonation. I give it a 4/10.

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    Mina May - i don't like the fact that the two M's go together. i think that Nina May/Mae would go such much better, sound nicer and flow better.

    Lucy Megan - both well known names but not SUPER popular, and i think that both names go together very well, and that the order of the names is perfect because Megan Lucy doesn't sound as good as Lucy Megan.

    Kristen- very strong name, well known but not so common, could also be shortened to Kristy which is cute and sounds nice:) it's along the lines of a unisex name (sounds like chris), and unisex names are always cute on both genders:)

    Lois- i don't like this one that much, i think it's too close to lewis. i think Louise sounds much nicer, although the name louise is really really popular...

    Hanna: Hannah's a very popular name, but i like how you've cut off the H at the end, so it makes it a little more unusual.

    Natalie Megan: i like the name Natalie, an english version of many other foreign other names sounding the same (natalya, natalia (my name :P)) and i think it flows well with megan :)

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    Mina May - sounds really country. It's cute, but the double Ms are a bit off-putting.

    Lucy Megan - it doesn't flow right, but maybe with a certain last name it will. The names are both cute though, and I like them switched around more (Megan Lucy).

    Kristen - this name sounds very ordinary and 90s. Just saying.

    Lois - Family Guy :|. Or an old woman.

    Hanna - well, this is a variation of my name.. I think I'm too biased to answer. However I do think it's convenient because it works with a lot of other middle names.

    Natalie Megan - Natalie sounds clumsy to me, like it shouldn't be a name. I've never liked it, and its random surge of popularity bothered me. Megan is adorable, though, but not with Natalie. I think if Natalie goes with another name, it should be a flowy or maybe short name, like Natalie Rose or Natalie May.

    Sorry if I sounded harsh at all, I think they're all acceptable names, just my personal opinions on them!

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    Mina is cute. May is okay, I'm not a fan but together it sounds very hick/ Billie-Sue

    Lucy Megan doesn't really flow to me

    Kristen is a classic, beautiful name. Great name

    Lois is okay

    Hannah loses it's polish and class without the H at the end (and ruins the cool palindrome) but Hannah is a great classic name

    Natalie Megan is okay...kind of blah but Megan Natalie is nice or even better Megan Natalia...Natalia kicks it up a notch and makes it sound a bit more exotic/exciting

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