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簡單的中翻英~~~ 請教英文高手

一封傳要給朋友的英文信 請高手幫忙翻譯 ~ 感激不盡!!!




我全身濕透了 哈哈

不過我並沒有感冒 謝謝你的關心








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    I was very happy yesterday.

    It was the first time that I joined the Songkran festival.

    I was totally wet yesterday HaHa

    But I did not get any cold. Thanks for your concern.

    Anyway thank you for invited us to take part.

    I really enjoy it.

    I feel sad too.

    Perhaps we can have a chance to dance again.

    Hope to see you again and have a nice day.

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    Yesterday I had a good timeThis is my first time participating in Thai New YearI wet hahaBut I do not have colds thank you for your concernThis was a very fun activityAll in all thank you for inviting us to participate inI very much enjoy withI think it is a pityMaybe the next opportunity we can danceLooking forward to meet againWish you have a liking of the day

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    I was really happy yesterday.

    I've never been to the Songkran festival before, yesterday was my first time.

    All my body was wet.

    Fortunately, I didn't get a cold, thanks for your caring.

    It's a fun activity.

    Anyways, I really appreciate that you invited me.

    I was really happy.

    But at the same time, I feel sad.

    Maybe we can dance together next time.

    Hope I can see you soon and have a great day.

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