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For officials accustomed to a monopoly on information, it was a startling lesson--and ______they answered with typical low-tech efficacy.

a. it b. one c. when d. information

答案是b. 我想問:

1. 用it為什麼不行?

2. one指涉的是什麼??


Information, the techno-libertarians say, is now too fluid to control. It flows in over airways, via satellites, through microwave relays to cellular phones, faxes, televisions, radios, beepers, and modems. Information will mean more openness, as the logic______, and openness will mean more freedom.

a. comes b. goes c. says d. speaks



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    1. ... a startling lesson -- and one they answered...

    one = a lesson

    -- and (it is also) a lesson (that) they answered...

    2. "as the logic goes" 按照邏輯來說 => 這是個片語。不能更動字詞。

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