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How is this for a completive Pokemon White/Black team?

I'm not the best at making teams and need to know if this would do. In other words, are the items ok and the EV's? By the way, I did get some off the net. The numbers in brackets are the base power of each move when STAB or items are considered.

Serperior (Contrary-DW) @ Silk Scarf or Hard Stone

Leaf storm (210)

Leaf Blade (135)

Hidden Power [Rock] (36-84, 30-70 – If Hard Stone is not equipped)

Wring Out (144 – If opponent has 100% HP, 120 - If Silk Scarf is not equipped)

EV’s: HP 4, 126 Def, Sp. Atk 252, 126 Sp. Def


Serperior (Overgrow) @ Pressure Band

Leach Seed (15)

Wrap (15)

Toxic (-)

Protect (-)

EV’s: HP 252, Sp. Def 128, Def 128

Hydreigon (Levitate) @ Wise Glasses

Dragon Pulse (148.5)

Dark Pulse (132)

Earthquake (110)

Fire Blast (132)/Flamethrower (104.5)

EV’s: 126 HP, 252 Sp. Atk, 130, Spe

Darmanitan (Zen Mode) @Leftovers

Psychic (135)

Belly Drum (-)

Flare Blitz (180)

Fire Blast (180)

EV’s: HP 4, Sp. Atk 252, Spe 252

Klinkang (Clear Body) @ Iron Plate

Gear Grind (75 If one hits – 150 If both hit)

Shift Gear (-)

Volt Change (70)

Return (120)

EV’s: 4 HP, 252 Atk, 252 Spe

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  • 9 years ago
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    Bearing in mind you have 4 Unova Pokemon, is this for a VGC team? If so, unreleased DW abilities are not allowed. So no Contrary on Serperior (and without Contrary it sucks). Also, if you are gonna use Contrary Serperior, then you need to put a lot more EVs in speed. Also, get rid of Leaf Blade and Wring Out. And if your gonna use HP Rock (i think HP Fire may be more useful), then make sure it is Base 70.

    The standard Hydreigon set is the Specs set. Draco Meteor, Flamethrower/FB, Earth Power and *i believe* Surf, with a standard sweeper EV spread of 4HP/252SpAtk/252 Spe

    Zen Mode sucks. Darmanitan as a physical sweeper is decent, but don't use Zen Mode. Use Life Orb or Choice Band. Thanks to Sheer Force, he takes no Life Orb Damage when using moves with a secondary effect (like Rock Slide). Choice Band is also another option.

    Klinkang does kinda suck. He has a poor movepool. I'd consider something else if I were you.

    If this is a VGC team, you should prepare for common VGC threats. The Beat Up Whimsicott/Justice Terakion combo is quite common (raises Terakion's attack +4). Amoongus is very common, due to the lack of Sleep Clause in VGC and its ability to learn Spore. Reuniclus is also very common, and is often used on Trick Room teams. Fake Out Mienshao is another common lead. I strongly recommend a priority Taunt lead (i.e. one with Prankster), Thundurus or Whimsicott are two Pokemon that can do this. I recommend Thundurus, as he normally outspeeds Whimiscott (standard Thundurus set is to run 252Speed, and most Whimiscott put very few EVs into speed) allowing him to Taunt it. It can also Taunt TR Reuniclus and Musharna, Bulk Up Conkeldurr and obviously Spore Amoongus.

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  • 4 years ago

    Azelf, jirachi (my baby colluseum pokemon <3), blissey, skarmory, absol, and metagross. All level 100, because I use them competitively.

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